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Why is My Web Site Suspended?

There are several reasons why your website could become suspended; it can range from malware on your website to policy violations. However, the most common reason for the suspension is non-payment.

If your account has been suspended, you will see a page stating that your account has been suspended when you try to visit your website. HostGator will usually email you when they suspend your website and explain why. But suppose you haven't received an email. In that case, you can always contact us via phone or Live Chat and get more information about the cause of the suspension.

Please click the links below for more information.

Unpaid Invoices

Payment issues are very common in account suspension cases. Often, customers forget due dates for common services like hosting, domain renewal, and addon products. 

HostGator sends several reminders for paying invoices before suspending the account. Check your primary email to see if you have missed a payment deadline. Please check Invoicing and Automatic Billing to check the Notification Policy.

If your billing account is up-to-date, there may be another reason why the account is suspended that must be resolved first. Either way, please contact us phone or Live Chat at your earliest convenience so we can review your billing account.

Malware Infection

Malware is also a common reason why the account got suspended; HostGator scans all the websites on the servers for malware regularly. If we detect spam links, deceptive content, or phishing pages on the website, the account will be suspended.

In case of malware infection, we recommend SiteLock to clean malware without any hassles. SiteLock performs a website scan that will alert you when any file on your website is infected with malware. This comprehensive service scans your website files, surgically removing malicious files, and suspicious content from legitimate files.

Policy Violation

HostGator has specific terms of service, which require compliance. If your website has violated any policies, the account will be suspended. You can check the Acceptable Use Policy page for the list of important policies.

Resellers, VPS, and Dedicated

Resellers, VPS, and Dedicated, can unsuspend and suspend a customer's account in WHM as described in the following article:

If your account is still suspended and you think it's due to a ToS ticket, please check your emails as all notifications are sent to the primary email in the account.

Need further assistance? Please reach out to us via phone or Live Chat so we can assist you with your account!