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Why Update Your WHOIS Information


Maintaining updated contact information for your domain name in the WHOIS database is an important practice. You may not realize it, but there are certain important reasons why you should update this information, especially the registrant's contact email address for your domain.

About the WHOIS database

Your registrar is responsible for publishing the relevant domain information in a WHOIS database. A WHOIS database is an online directory where the general public can look up domain names using the WHOIS search tool.

How this works is when you have purchased your domain name from HostGator through our registrar LaunchPad, eNom, or through other organizations accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), these agencies report the WHOIS information provided upon the domain purchase to the official WHOIS database.

Requirement for accurate contact information

ICANN policy requires registrars to maintain accurate contact details for the domain name owner in the WHOIS database. When registering a new domain or making changes to the registrant, admin, tech, or billing contact information listed in the WHOIS, eNom or LaunchPad will send an email requesting verification. The domain name will be suspended if no response is received within 15 days.

Additionally, eNom or LaunchPad may contact the email address on file to notify the domain name owner of domain expiration, transfer attempts, and general domain management information. If no response is received, eNom or LaunchPad has the authority to delete the domain name, allowing someone else to register the same domain name.

Inaccurate information can lead to domain expiration and redemption

Domain expiration can be disruptive. ICANN provides for a redemption period, during which the registrar temporarily deactivates the expired domain name. But reactivating the domain name during this period requires a reactivation fee of $75 to $90 USD, in addition to the renewal fee (some registrars charge as much as $250).

No domain, no website

Domain expiration can cause you to lose important incoming e-mails and experience the unavailability of the related website. Domain name expiration can seriously impact the business of the domain name owner.

Practice good domain name management

You can avoid expiration by practicing good domain name management. Simply log into the domain control panel every 3 months to update the domain name's contact details and maintain your WHOIS entry's accuracy.

WHOIS updates

HostGator recommends that you update the entire WHOIS record, including phone, address, email, and business organization information. This will help ensure you receive notice about renewals, transfers, and domain management. If you require help in updating your contact details, please read the related articles listed below: