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WHOIS Update Validation


LaunchPad WHOIS Update

When the WHOIS information for a LaunchPad domain is updated, a validation email will be sent to the domain registrant. Failure to validate a WHOIS change within 15 days will result in suspension and a ticket notification from HostGator, similar to domain registrations and transfers.

Once this occurs, you will no longer be able to validate the WHOIS change with the code from the validation email; instead, you will need to respond to the ticket notification. If you attempt to validate the domain order with the validation code after the 15-day time frame, you will receive a warning message instructing you to contact HostGator as we are required to manually verify all WHOIS updates that were not validated in the 15 day time frame.

eNom WHOIS Update

Any time changes are made to the registrant, admin, tech or billing contact information listed in the WHOIS, eNom will immediately send an email to the registrant's email address to validate the change. Subsequently, eNom will send reminder emails every 5 days up to the 15th day until validation is completed.

If no verification is received, the domain will be suspended and eNom will display a "Not Verified" page on the domain itself. From this page, customers can request to have the validation email re-sent. Once validation is complete, the domain page will be updated to a "Verified" page. The site may then take 24-48 hours to come back up due to propagation.

Note: WHOIS verification is only required once in the lifetime of the domain. If a previous WHOIS update was verified, no additional verification will be required for future updates.