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Where Do I Login to My cPanel (Control Panel)?


HostGator offers a variety of hosting solutions to fit different needs. Our different plans have different control panels, but the information you need to access your own panel is always contained in your welcome email.

Login Details in Your Welcome Email

Every HostGator customer receives a welcome email when signing up for a new hosting package. The welcome email includes all the information you will require to access and manage your account, including your login information and a link to your control panel.

You may always contact us via phone or Live Chat to request that we resend your welcome email.

The login information in your welcome email provides direct access to your panel and is customized with your unique login information, including username, password and control panel link.

Logging In Directly

The fastest way to get to your control panel is to login to it directly:


Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans will log into cPanel.

How to log into cPanel? Need to get there? Click here!


Reseller, SEO, VPS with cPanel, and Linux Dedicated plans will log into WHM.

How do I log into the Web Host Manager? (WHM)


VPS with Plesk, Windows Shared, and Windows Dedicated plans will log into Plesk.

How do I log into Plesk?

VPS Customers can also login to the Virtuozzo (VZ) Power Panel to reboot their container and check usage statistics. For details, see:

Access via the HostGator Customer Portal (Single Sign On)

Shared customers (with Hatchling, Baby or Business plans) may login to their control panel directly or via the HostGator Customer Portal. Our Single Sign On service allows navigation through both the cPanel and the Billing account by logging in with your billing information at https://portal.hostgator.com.

For more information, see this article:

Note: Only Shared package cPanels can currently be accessed through Single Sign On.

Accounts with multiple Shared packages can access the cPanel for any Shared package.

Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server cPanels (and any Plesk panel) cannot currently be accessed through Single Sign On and can only be accessed directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have a universal login?

HostGator has a wide variety of offerings, which means that different types of hosting have different ways to login. For example, Shared hosting uses cPanel, but Windows hosting uses Plesk. Other companies may only offer one solution, but since HostGator offers many solutions, how you login depends on which product you purchased.

Shared packages may of course be accessed through our Single Sign On initiative.

Why does the Customer Portal and the Control Panel have different usernames and passwords?

Many of our customers have a web designer manage or update their site for them. Having a separate login for the control panel allows for access to your site by a designer or administrator while keeping financial and billing information secure.

If you need help, please contact us via phone or Live Chat for further assistance.