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Information Needed for Migrating Content


We want you to have a seamless experience when migrating your website (and even emails) to your HostGator hosting server! To help you with your migration, HostGator offers 2 migration services – Site Migration and Email Migration – through the Customer Portal. 

You can request site migration through your Customer Portal's Marketplace section for a one-time fee of $149.99 for a single website. We are accepting requests to migrate WordPress sites only from Linux-based hosting platforms to your HostGator hosting server.

Please note that HostGator offers limited free site migration services for new accounts on VPS and Dedicated hosting plans within 30 days of signup only.

Customer Portal - Migration services

Please visit the articles below to learn more about HostGator’s migration services. 

Once your request is submitted, our migration experts will send an email to your email address on file requesting the details below.

Basic Information Needed

The following information is typically required in migrating websites to another host.

Note: You may need to contact your old host or look through your emails to obtain or find some of this information.
Required Information Description
Account domain name The domain name is associated with your old hosting account.

The server at your old web host has an IP address and hostname. Typically, this was given to you when you signed up with your old host.

If your domain still points to your old web host, please provide us with your domain name since we can determine the IP address from that. If you already changed your DNS and pointed the domain to us (or elsewhere), we would need the old host server's IP address or hostname to locate your old site.

Control panel HostGator only migrates websites from Linux-based hosting accounts.
Control panel URL To log in to your old host's control panel, use a specific web address (URL). Please provide us with the URL you use to access your control panel. (This is usually not the same as your old web host's home page unless you can log in directly from there.)
Previous hosting company We may ask for details about your previous host company to help us locate your old hosting account and migrate your site. 
Account username Most web hosting accounts have a web-based control panel that you can log in to. We would need the username you use to access this control panel. We require this information to be able to migrate your database and other items.
Account password The password you're using to log in to your old host's control panel.
Additional instructions If your account has unique information not mentioned in the email sent by our migration team, please let us know. For example, some web hosts have separate login information for your database. We may need this information to migrate your website.


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