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How to Configure FileZilla


There are many different ways you can establish a connection using FileZilla. The video below will show various ways you can make a connection, or below the video are steps to connect the quickest method, using the 'Quickconnect' bar.

How to connect using FileZilla

The quickest and easiest way to establish a connection between a local machine (the computer you are connecting from) and a remote server (the computer/server you are connecting to) using FileZilla is by using the 'Quickconnect' bar.

  1. Enter the correct Host/Domain/IP address into the Host: field. This could be the server name, the server IP, domain name, and in some cases ftp.domain.com. For a HostGator account, example.com will be fine so long as it is properly pointed towards the server.
  2. Enter the correct FTP username into the Username: field. This can be the cPanel username which is also an FTP account.
  3. Enter the correct password for the user previously entered.
  4. Enter port 21 (or just leave it blank) for FTP and port 22 for SFTP.
  5. Click the Quickconnect button. In the window immediately below, results of the connection will be shown. A successful connection will end in "Directory listing successful."

Additional Notes:

  • The port will automatically default to 21 if none is entered.
  • The host must resolve to the server, so if the domain is still propagating you will need to use the server name or server IP to establish a connection.
  • If connecting via an additional FTP account, make sure to use the full FTP username (ex: ftpuser@domain.com).
  • You can add and save multiple connections using the Site Manager found in File > Site Manager
  • To connect via FTP using root, it must be a secure connection. Changing the port to 22 will automatically set the host to https:// making it a secure connection. If there is no secure connection available, the connection will fail. Only VPS/Dedicated plans have access to root.

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