How to Use Livestreams to Drive Site Traffic

Businesses can embrace social live stream while driving traffic to their sites.

Live streaming brings reality to your consumers’ screens, and your brand can use it as a tool to spark awareness and interest in your products.

“It’s the prime time for live streaming, and if you miss the boat, you could be missing out on huge traffic numbers and the ability to create a viral buzz. It’s one of the most genuine ways to connect with an audience and allows for levels of personalization that the marketing industry has never seen,” writes serial entrepreneur Neil Patel.

Grab your cameras and start mapping out a strategy. Here are five ways to capture your audience’s attention.

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1. Create Anticipation

Marketing involves spreading your brand’s message. Whether it’s posting a blog post or sending a press release, the goal is to share information with your consumers.

Over the years, we’ve come accustomed to certain marketing messages, like a furniture store’s television commercial announcing a holiday sale. Customers also can expect emails about an online company’s Cyber Monday special.

These strategies heighten consumers’ anticipation for something they desire. They’ll mark the date and wait anxiously for your latest product.

Social live streaming also can bolster anticipation amongst your consumers. The live aspect makes your audience an integral part of a product release, celebrity endorsement, or even an IPO announcement.

Check out Chevrolet’s Facebook live stream on news about its all-electric 2017 Bolt EV. It’s a chance for avid fans to witness the new technology.

Work with your team to harness the anticipation by leading followers to your site. Whatever you’re announcing, it’s crucial to represent it on your page. If not, you may risk losing people’s interest quickly.

Tap into consumers’ curiosity by dropping clues about the news throughout the live stream. Then, lead them to the big reveal on your website. You’ll increase their enthusiasm and boost traffic.


2. Build a Community

Social live streaming gathers people together for a common purpose. From a preview of a new product or an inside look at the work culture, live streaming affords your brand an opportunity to build a viable community.

Interaction is one of the critical ingredients of live streaming. People want to be part of the conversation. Your brand can satisfy that sense of belonging and build a real connection.

“Being live is all about LIVE! Interact with your audience in-the-moment, whether it’s handing out promos on the street, running a quick Q&A session, or just chatting. There’s always the possibility that something unplanned or spontaneous will happen, that’s part of the fun of live social,” states Christian Brink, contributor at the AddThis Academy.

After garnering people’s attention, then your brand can guide folks to your website. Be deliberate in your call to action, and state it multiple times throughout the broadcast.

You can entice consumers with a free digital gift, or you can encourage them to sign up for your newsletter to receive updates about upcoming live streams.

A well-organized community demands trustworthiness. Therefore, stay away from deceiving or manipulating your audience. If you make a promise, it’s up to your team to deliver it.


3. Celebrate Your Fans

Gratitude speaks volumes. It shows people you value their time and support. So it makes sense to devote some effort into expressing your admiration.

For most brands, appreciation comes as a thank you email or a limited-time coupon. These ideas work, but you can do better.

A social live stream is an opportunity to publicly acknowledge your followers. You can give them shoutouts and spend time answering their burning questions.

You also can do something tailored to your brand. For instance, if you sell T-shirts, you can  explain to your fanatics how the design came to life, and you can get followers to submit their own designs for a future brand collection.

Maybelline hosted a makeup tutorial on Facebook. The live stream also included a giveaway to its fans. The live session was both exciting and educational.

Your team can keep the celebration going by directing fans to a particular site. Get them to sign up for your rewards program or encourage them to refer a friend for 15% off their next purchase.

Showing a little appreciation goes a long way. You’ll never go wrong celebrating your fans online.


4. Spotlight Trends

Today’s news cycle runs 24/7. People get swamped with celebrity sightings, local gatherings, and everything they don’t care about. With so much noise, it’s easy for your consumers to tune out. Who wouldn’t?

Your brand can break the mold. You can be the news hub for consumers to learn about trends that actually matter to them. There’s an opportunity gap to turn disinterested viewers into active listeners with your social live stream.

Start by doing your homework. That process involves researching what matters to your core audience. Learn about their desires, goals, and pain points. You want to know what trends will help them live better lives.

When it’s time to hit play, talk about topics that directly concern your audience. Don’t give fluff or consumers will immediately leave.

“[R]emember that people have busy lives and are impatient. Capture their attention quickly by delving straight into the action. Unless you generate interest in the first few seconds, people will be inclined to click away for something more interesting,” says Sherry Gray, a freelance content writer.

Once you’ve satisfied viewers with what they want, then you can pitch your site or a specific landing page. An easy transition from the trend to the relevant page will intrigue your consumers and earn you more traffic.


5. Promote Events

Social media has opened the doors to the world. Back in the day, you only experienced what happened in your town, and you only learned about the latest events through the six o’clock news.

Thankfully, things have changed. You now can witness the recent happenings with the help of your smart device and social media channels. Therefore, you’re never left out of the fun!

As a brand, it’s your responsibility to bring that excitement to your consumers. Not everyone will be able to attend your product launch party. But you can make people feel a part of the action.

The answer is to live stream your next event. Engage consumers with exclusive content that is worth sharing with their friends.

Here’s an example from Red Bull. The brand crashed the Ice Marseille and live streamed the event via Periscope. The footage contained the making of the ice track and a first-hand view from the athletes’ perspective, along with commentary.


Sending your viewers directly to your site isn’t always the best option. You can still keep them engaged by asking them to follow you on Twitter or your fan page. That way, your audience doesn’t feel pressured to buy from your brand.


Go Live. Drive Traffic.

Social live stream is here to stay. Open your business to new opportunities by taking advantage of it.

You can create anticipation before a product launch. Develop a community of brand ambassadors with lots of fan interaction. Or promote events that showcase your brand’s uniqueness.

Be social. Go live.

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Originally from Louisiana, Shayla champions access to remote work opportunities. Connect with her on Twitter at @shaylaprice.