Video offers bloggers the opportunity to engage more with their audiences. Research shows that “viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.”

To create the perfect clip, you’ll want to use the right video tools. You may want options to customize your footage, add an upbeat tune, or even include special effects.

Get started with your video strategy today. Here are seven tools to check out now.

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1. Animoto

Animoto’s drag-and-drop editor makes it painless to create impressive videos for your editorial content, promotional campaigns, and social ads. Now, you can share what matters most to your fans.

The platform lets you choose pre-built storyboards, or you can start from scratch.  Animoto teamed up with Getty Images to offer users access to a high-quality stock library. You’ll gain inspiration to turn your footage into a creative masterpiece.

animoto video tool for blogs

There’s also the benefit of developing slideshow videos. If photography is your talent, you can upload your images and incorporate quirky texts to make an engaging presentation. It’s an effective way to captivate people.

This tool is all about simplicity in video making. You set your tone, customize it, and finalize your video. It’s a good option for the blogger who’s learning the ropes.


2. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse empowers you to make jaw-dropping time lapse videos without buying any expensive equipment. It’s your chance to transform any long process into a 30 second spot.

Back in the day, this type of video was a clunky endeavor. You needed a tripod or a tool to keep the camera steady. The Hyperlapse app gives you cinematic quality with automatic stabilization.

Don’t be shy when it comes to using this technique. Jason Boone, a video producer, provides his advice:

“Once you’ve properly scouted the location you can begin the shoot. There are a few tricks to keep in mind when shooting a hyperlapse. The first is once you start shooting, keep shooting, and at a regular pace. The pacing and timing of your shots are important.”


3. Powtoon

Video isn’t limited to you hopping in front of a camera every day. There’s also the choice of using ready-made characters and design.

That’s where Powtoon steps in. This video tool lets you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos. With access to royalty-free footage and music, you have the control to craft something truly different for your audience.

For example, if you just started a fashion blog, you can create a quick video announcing an upcoming Meetup or a discount code from one of your sponsors. No more boring surprises; you can do it with a little flair.

powtoon video software for blogs

Your video possibilities are truly endless with Powtoon. You can select from a wide variety of characters, objects, layouts, and backgrounds to add to your video. Plus, there’s a user gallery to spark new ideas for your own creations.


4. Adobe Premiere Clip

As a novice, you’re probably not going to shoot ever video perfectly. So, you need a tool to help you edit out any unwanted footage. Adobe Premiere Clip polishes your mistakes and turns your finished video into a work of art.

It’s a powerful editing platform where you can drag and drop clips, adjust the exposure, and even out your audio levels. Need to spruce things up? You also can insert titles, transitions, and slo-mo effects.

Here’s Andy Betts, a former print journalist and magazine editor, discussing more about the tool’s features:

“Looks are a series of filters you can apply to your video to change the color, contrast, and overall tone. There’s 30 to choose from, some less subtle than others. Just tap on the thumbnails to see the effect in action. You can change them again later.”


5. Loom

Loom is one of my personal favorites. This app makes it convenient to capture your screen and record with your front-facing camera. In a few clicks, you can share your video with a unique link.

It’s useful when you desire to do an impromptu video for your blog fans. Let’s say you want to send a personable message to a few readers. With this browser app, you can record when you feel comfortable without any cumbersome setups.

loom video software for bloggers

Security is a big issue nowadays, especially with ongoing data breaches. Loom understands their users’ concerns and takes security seriously.

Therefore, all videos are uploaded over an SSL-encrypted websocket. The company can remove any of your files from their systems upon your request.

With Loom, you get to communicate easier with your followers. This benefit makes building relationships better.


6. Giphy

When it comes to video creation, most bloggers forget about the power of the meme. It’s not a traditional video, but you can use clips to craft a catchy meme with Giphy.

“A good GIF can be playful and full of dynamism, or it can be slow and smooth; whatever describes the feeling behind the moving images. The key is to understand what makes an eye-catching GIF and create a language that fits the mood of the message,” states Lisa Hassell, founder and director of Inkygoodness.

Use the GIF maker by uploading one of your best-performing videos. Then, then trim the video to capture a specific emotion, like happy, funny, or shock. For a bonus, you can include stickers and captions.


7. Canva

A video without an attractive thumbnail gets scanned over by visitors. Your goal is to prevent that from happening, and Canva offers a solution.

With this graphic design tool, you can produce a thumbnail highlighting the purpose of any video. Using a colorful, clean image means more clicks for your blog.

canva graphic design tool for blogs

Canva’s easy-to-navigate interface makes the process simple. You can add graphic design elements, like banners, icons, and frames. Non-designers can feel relaxed when tweaking templates because there’s an undo button to erase any errors.

If a picture paints a thousand words, you’re in good hands with Canva. Your thumbnails will be professional and irresistible to your fans.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Video is helpful for driving engagement with your blog visitors. Select a tool that works with your marketing strategy. Try different platforms to attract and maintain your audience.

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