best practices to follow for your thank you pages

How to Use Your Thank You Pages To Increase Conversions

Your thank you page is much more important than you may think. So many businesses are focused on getting the sale, that once they get it they simply thank the customer and leave it at that.

If you follow that approach, you’re actually throwing away a key opportunity to strengthen your bond with the customer and keep them coming back for more.

The right content on your thank you page can go a long way towards increasing customer engagement.

Here are five ways you can make the most of this unassuming page and bring up those sales numbers.

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1. Offer a Loyalty Discount

This is one of the more obvious options you can take with your website. Once your customer has ordered, offer them an exclusive discount with you for next time. They can then go back and use that discount right away, or at their leisure.

Giving the customer this discount gives them a reason to come back. Maybe there was something else on the website that they were looking at, but decided against as they didn’t have the cash for it. If they have that discount, that purchase seems a lot more feasible.

NatureBox offers a discount, and they encourage their customers to share (a tip we’ll get into below):


2. Play a Video

The thank you page is actually a great place to post a video related to what the customer has just bought. This can easily be customized to make it fit to whatever the customer is buying from you. “Video is becoming the most popular way to show content,” says content manager Della Jones from Elite Assignment Help.  “It’s a way to get a lot of information across visually, without overloading the customer.”

For example, if your customer has just bought some seeds from you, you can show them a video about how to plant them. This little bit of extra content can be just what you need to boost engagement.


3. Encourage Customers To Share

You’ll have seen this tactic yourself if you’ve been online shopping recently. Many sites are now using social sharing on their thank you pages to great success.

How does it work? Simply add in some links to popular social media sites, and ask customers to share their new purchase with their friends. This spreads awareness of your brand, while helping your customer feel more excited about their purchase. When they do this, they’re much more likely to come back – and they’ll bring their friends, too!


4. Invite Them to Subscribe

Do you have an email marketing newsletter? (If not, you should.) When someone buys something from you, tell them about your newsletter. You can simply state, “While you’re here, why not subscribe to our newsletter?”

The key here isn’t to go all out and describe it in detail, but give the reader some of the highlights. They’ve already bought something from you, so they may well be interested in your newsletter. Many companies have tried this trick, and found that their newsletter subscriber numbers rocketed as a result.


5. Offer More Content

This tactic often works best for B2B companies, or those looking to sell a service to the customer. Once someone has made a purchase, your thank you page can offer them some bonus content that they not have thought to look at before.

For example, if the customer has just booked tickets for a seminar, you can offer them a free eBook or white paper that’s related to it. These could even form a good starting point for the seminar itself, as you can give customers some information before they even get there.

HubSpot uses this approach for their webinar registrations:


How to Write a Good Thank You Page

No matter what you want to do with your thank you page, you’ll want to ensure that you’re putting it together carefully. Here are some tips to help you write the best copy and keep those customers engaged:

Keep it short and sweet: Your customer has just bought something, so they’re about to head elsewhere. You don’t want to hold them up for too long, or they may get irritated. Keep your thank you page short and to the point. Give them what you’re offering right away, and they’re more likely to come back.

Always proofread and edit: As it’s the last page your customer sees, you may think that you don’t need to worry too much about what it looks like. You’d be wrong, as it’s just as important as anything else on your site. Check over your copy after you’ve written it, to ensure that your grammar, spelling and general flow are correct. Nothing’s worse for the customer experience than reading a webpage that’s full of errors.

Ensure the page loads quickly: This sounds obvious, but you’ve got to ensure the thank you page loads quickly. If it doesn’t, the customer will just click elsewhere and leave without seeing it. Test the page first and see how it loads, before you make it live. The faster it loads, the better.

Be upbeat: Your customer has just bought from you, so be excited about it. Thank them for buying with you, and continue the positivity by offering extra content or a special discount to them. It’s something only they get as a customer, so show them how much you appreciate their purchase.

Customize where possible: Depending on your business and what you’re offering, you may be able to personalize the thank you page. This may be simply by using the customer’s name to thank them. It could go one step further though, by showing videos related to what they just bought. Be creative and show them they mean something to you.


Tools To Help You Write The Best Thank You Page

Now you’ve got some ideas for your thank you page, you’ll need to start putting it together. Luckily, there are lots of tools online that will help you create the perfect page. Here are just a few that you can put to good use:

With these tips and tools, you can create a thank you page that increases engagement drastically. Think about what you want to do with your thank you page, and implement those ideas. You’ll see a real difference right away.

Author: Mary Walton is a blogger at SimpleGrad website.