Monitor Rankings With These WordPress Plugins

Monitor WordPress Website Rankings

When it comes to building traffic, understanding your visitor behaviors, and generally being on top of your search engine rankings, website analytics and ranking platforms are usually the thing you want to explore more since it provides direct insight in the way your website is performing, and in many ways that can provide a way to optimize, learn more about, and understand your website’s performance in general.

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet, providing webmasters with an opportunity to tap into a nearly infinite pool of visitors that can bring about leads, sales and success, yet the road towards this point of success can be lengthy, and not everyone has the patience to actually make it. To help ourselves speed up the process, we can begin by monitoring our website rankings and learning more what helps our rankings go up, and what makes them fall back down. The following WordPress plugins will give you a chance to explore your performance on a much larger scale, hopefully giving you an idea or two as to how you can improve your rankings.

Wincher Rank Tracker

Wincher will let you track any amount of keywords for their performance on both the desktop web as well as mobile web, you can even setup a competitor monitoring campaign for up to five of your closest competitors, you can monitor your rankings performance history and see what has made a huge impact on your rankings in the past, setup email notifications about sudden changes to your rankings and always remain in full control over your content performance, all reports can exported in either PDF or CSV format for your convenience.


RankScanner will automatically crawl your rankings on Google, and report back to you with updates and changes in your search engine positions, to let you know if you blog has improved or dropped on a weekly basis. All positions will be checked either every day, week or month depending on which plan you have selected for your blog’s domain.

The main features of RankScanner include the ability to monitor your blog’s performance within Google, to collect suggested keywords that are all based on the kind of content you have published so far, as well as to be able to use visual features for analyzing and understanding your overall organic Google performance, and then learn from this data to improve in the future.

Alexa Widget

Alexa is definitely a household name amongst those webmasters who are self-conscious about improving their web rankings in multiple ways. Alexa analyzes all of the World’s websites to rank them accordingly to their performance on the web, much of the data that Alexa reports is a rough estimate (unless you start using the premium features on your own website), but even then the data is usually very accurate and can provide a good idea of how far ahead, or how far behind, you are from your closest competitors.

ARC (Advanced Rank Checker)

Keywords are what makes Google’s search engine stay alive. The ARC plugin will allow you to monitor your keywords for their performance, letting you always be on top of the latest ranking reports and how you can improve them. Happened to notice that your rankings dropped a few places? Find out who took your place and optimize your content to reflect the kind of insights and ideas that others are sharing, though with your own twist to ensure its authenticity.

ITslum Tracker

This plugin will combine both Alexa rankings, and also Google PageRank (which in many ways has been discontinued, by some webmasters are still taking the idea of PageRank seriously…), to allow you to display specific widgets on your site, advertising your overall website performance on the global web, either for attracting new sponsors, or to simply help these platforms gather more accurate data about your website.

Do you have any other plugins you would suggest? Let us know in the comments!