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What is a Favicon?

The favicon, short for "favorite icon," is a tiny logo used in your browser's bookmarks and tabs. Favicons also appear in the browsing history section of Google Chrome, making it easier for you to manage your browser.

HostGator Favicon

Why do I need a favicon?

  • Branding - The favicon helps build your web presence. Your site logo will be displayed at the top of a browser's tab. It creates awareness and brand recall.
  • Speed - It helps internet users recognize your website through your favicon. Thus, they can quickly switch between tabs on their browser.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - The favicon helps improve your search engine rankings. Whenever an internet user visits your site, the browsers request your site's favicon. If a favicon is not set up, your site may return a 404 error and may affect your site's ranking.
  • Credibility - The favicon helps your website to appear credible and professional. 

How do I customize my site's favicon?

Time to be creative!

  1. Create either 16x16, 32x32 or 512x512 (for WordPress) pixel image.
  2. Convert the image into a favicon.io file.
  3. Upload our favicon.ico file into your website's root directory through the cPanel File Manager or an FTP application.

If you use one of the site-building applications below, you may use one of the following articles to help you modify the favicon.

If you require additional assistance in uploading your favicon file, please contact us via phone or chat.

Additional Resources

The following articles are for reference only. Please note that HostGator cannot offer direct support for the information provided below.

If you are using a different CMS or cart installation, please consult the documentation for that specific script on modifying your favicon.


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