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What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


Here's a list of the payment methods we accept for purchase and renewal. In the links below, we've got additional info on payment methods.

Does my method of payment work at HostGator?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and bank wires.
We do not accept cash payments. You must use a bank wire or money order to pay with cash.

For information on paying, please read our article on How do I make a payment?

Payment Cards

MasterCard Visa Discover Network American ExpressJCBDiners Club International

Credit and Debit Cards

We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Diners Club International, or JCB logo.

Electronic Cards

Some electronic cards may work, but others may not.

Prepaid and Gift Cards

Prepaid cards and gift cards (any cards that are temporary and without your personal information) may or may not be accepted.

Some prepaid card and gift card issuers allow you to register your card, typically through their website. In some cases, registering your card and entering your name and mailing address will cause the card to work. Information on registering the card is usually listed on the back of the card or the packaging the card came in.

Overseas "Domestic Use Only" Cards

Some cards issued outside the United States marked for domestic use only, or something similar probably won't work because those cards are typically not connected to the international payment network and only work locally.

Discover Alliances: BC Card & DinaCard

BC Card      China UnionPay

Discover Network has alliances with several card networks such as BC Card, DinaCard, and China UnionPay. If your card issuer allows international purchases over the internet, your card should work. Your card typically would have a Discover Network logo on the back, indicating your card would be accepted as a Discover Network card in the US.

Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code

Unfortunately, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are not currently available.



Must be a verified PayPal account. Only PayPal, no other sites like Moneybookers, WebMoney, or AlertPay.

Regional Payment Methods Accepted via PayPal

Direct Debit EC Giropay Solo Compte-Bancaire Aurora CB Cofidis Cofinoga Postepay Bank

Depending on what payment options PayPal offers in your country, you may be able to pay by regional payment methods when paying via PayPal. Regional payment methods may not be available in all countries. The PayPal website will list the payment methods available in your country on the payment page.

Maestro / Switch


Maestro is a debit card issued in various countries around the world.  Because different banks have implemented Maestro differently, not all Maestro cards will work for internet transactions.

PayPal will allow you to use Maestro as a payment method in many countries, but not all countries.  We have confirmed that Maestro cards issued in the UK work via PayPal but are unsure about Maestro cards issued elsewhere.

Check or Money Order (M.O.)

We accept personal checks or money orders. We will apply this payment to the account indicated as soon as we receive it, but not earlier.

Please make the check or money order payable to HostGator.com and send via postal mail with a note enclosed providing your primary email address, primary domain name, or client ID to:

  • Regular Mail
    PO Box 947079
    Atlanta, GA 30394-7079
  • Overnight/Express Payments
    Lockbox Services - #865079
    3585 Atlanta Ave.
    Hapeville, GA 30354
Important Note:
  • Checks and Money Orders must be in US Dollars and drawn from a US Bank.
  • Any checks submitted must have originated from the US and have the US-named bank listed to process the payment.
  • Check or Money Order payments are non-refundable. The payment will be added as credit to your hosting account if you request a refund. You can then use that credit to purchase other HostGator products or services or pay your existing hosting invoice(s).

Bank Wire


We accept payments via bank wire. Please refer to the following article for more information: