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Customer Portal - Make a Payment


The Make a Payment page enables you to make a one-time payment for due invoices or pre-pay invoices for any active package.

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How Do I Make a Payment via Credit/Debit Card and PayPal?

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
    • If you cannot remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link below the login area, then follow the instructions emailed to the primary email address on file.
  2. Click Billing from the left-side menu, then select Make a Payment.

    Customer Portal - Make a Payment

  3. On the Make a Payment page, you will see three sections.
    • Current Invoices
      This section will display all your due and past invoices. Put a checkmark on the invoice(s) you wish to pay and check the total amount in the Payment Totals section below the page.

      Customer Portal - Current Invoices

    • Pre-Pay Packages
      The Pre-Pay Packages section allows you to pre-pay for the active packages you have in your account by selecting the package(s) and choosing your preferred term from 1 month up to 3 years in the dropdown menu. The total amount will be displayed in the Payment Totals section.

      Important Note:
      You will not be able to make a pre-payment if there are due or past due invoices on your account. If you have questions regarding your due invoice(s), please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or Live Chat. We are here to help!

      Customer Portal - Pre-Pay Packages

    • Payment Totals
      You can review your total amount to pay in this section. 

      Customer Portal - Payment Totals

  4. Once done selecting the invoices you wish to pay, Click on Choose Payment Method. You will see a detailed list of all items included on your checkout with tax, if applicable.
  5. After confirming that everything is satisfactory, you can select your Payment Method.

    If there is a saved card in the account, you will see the Use Credit Card on File tab to select the card you wish to use.

    To use a new credit card, click the Use New Credit Card tab, then enter your new credit card details. If you would like to save this card and enable it as the default card on your account, select the box next to the Save Card option, as shown below.

    Customer Portal - Select Payment Method

    If you wish to use PayPal, click the Use PayPal tab.

    Use PayPal

  6. Once done selecting your preferred payment method, click Make Payment.

Check or Money Orders

Checks must be in U.S. dollars and drawn from a U.S. bank. Please make the check or money order payable to HostGator and send via postal mail to:

  • Regular Mail
    PO Box 947079
    Atlanta, GA 30394-7079
  • Overnight/Express Payments
    Lockbox Services - #865079
    3585 Atlanta Ave.
    Hapeville, GA 30354

Please also include your domain name on the check memo to help us locate your account.

Important Note:
  • HostGator cannot credit or apply a payment to your account until the payment is received, deposited, and cleared. Payments by check or money order sent via postal mail may, therefore, require more time to process.
  • Check or Money Order payments are non-refundable. The payment will be added as credit to your hosting account if you request a refund. You can then use that credit to purchase other HostGator products or services or pay your existing hosting invoice(s).

Bank Wire

Another accepted method of payment is payment by bank wire. For more information on this method of payment, please see:


Switching Payment Methods

You are welcome to switch how you pay at any time. There is usually no need to contact HostGator. Please follow the instructions for a one-time payment using the new method. If you pay an invoice before charging your credit card, we will not automatically charge your card.

If you experience issues with payments, please contact HostGator's Support via phone or Live Chat, and we will be happy to assist you.