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The New SiteLock Dashboard FAQs


HostGator SiteLock is your cyber sentry! Block the bad guys and be a security superhero! SiteLock provides automated malware removal, protects your brand's reputation, and defends your site from malicious attacks. Take advantage of these awesome features now!

What is new with SiteLock?

SiteLock launched its new Dashboard last June 2021.

What is the new SiteLock Dashboard?

SiteLock's new Dashboard provides users the ability to quickly understand their website's health and security. They can also get specific product and performance details and easily manage security settings all in a single platform.

Why did you change the SiteLock Dashboard?

To enable users to easily navigate and work their way around the security settings of their websites, SiteLock has made changes to its Dashboard. The updated visual layout allows users to quickly understand their website's health and product performance and keep track of their website's security status.

What information does the Sitelock Dashboard include?

The SiteLock Dashboard provides users a visual summary of their website's security account, which includes the following:

  • Product Details
  • Account Details
  • Billing Information
  • Scan Summaries
  • Real-time notifications and security alerts
  • Traffic analysis
  • Remediation advice

What exactly has changed?

The new SiteLock Dashboard still has the same product, account, and support information its users are familiar with, but with an updated visual design, which is more streamlined, simpler, providing an improved overall experience.

What are the new Dashboard features or functionalities?

Here are several enhancements made in the SiteLock Dashboard to improve the overall user experience.

  1. The "drill down” ability on product cards for more detailed security information, including backup quota usage, scan dates, custom scan statistics, and a list of Web Application Firewall (WAF) features.
  2. The separation between account-level and site-level subscriptions.
  3. A new layout, visual design, and color palette for the purpose of simplifying navigation.

What is Max Risk Score?

With this feature, users can see the highest risk score across their account's domains which will be highlighted at the top of the new Dashboard. SiteLock has made it easier to detect if any of the sites is at risk.

How is the Risk Score calculated?

The SiteLock Risk Score is a proprietary and predictive model used to determine a website’s likelihood of compromise.

To determine website security risks, the Risk Score evaluates three main categories:

  1. Website complexity, like the size of your website or if you use a database to store customer information.
  2. Website popularity, like social media and traffic presence.
  3. Website composition, like the software, used to build your site.

SiteLock analyzes over 500 different website variables to calculate the domains risk score on a low, medium, and high scale.

  • Low-risk score – It means the site is just as likely to be compromised as the average website.
  • Medium-risk score – It means the site is six times more likely to be compromised than the average website.
  • High-risk score – It indicates the risk is 12 times more likely than the average website.
Questions about your scanning results? Please contact SiteLock Support through the Dashboard.

How often is the information in the Dashboard updated?

The SiteLock Dashboard provides real-time updates on the account's subscriptions and security status.

What are future changes planned for the Sitelock Dashboard?

As SiteLock continues to grow and improve its product portfolio, more powerful features and functionalities will be available in the future.

Here is a video to get you familiarized with the features of SiteLock.