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SSL Certificate Renewal

By default, SSL certificates are purchased with an expiration date of one year from the date of purchase. The SSL certificate must be renewed by means of purchasing a new one prior to the expiration of your current certificate.

Can I pay more than one year at a time?

At this time, the validity of SSL purchased through your HostGator Customer Portal is one year. You can also renew your SSL yearly.

Please visit this article to learn more about the different SSL plans that we offer.

For more information on purchasing SSL certificates, please contact your current SSL issuer or contact HostGator's Support via phone or Live Chat prior to your next renewal.
How long does it take to activate the new certificate?

We recommend that you purchase your new SSL certificate no later than a week before your existing SSL certificate is set to expire. This will provide you ample time if you should encounter any unforeseen complications, such as mismatched WHOIS information or domain expiration.

Will I be notified when I need to renew?

While we will attempt to provide notification to you regarding your SSL renewal if you have purchased through HostGator, it is ultimately your responsibility to track this information. It is highly recommended that you create a reoccurring reminder that the SSL requires renewal, such as through Google Calendars.

Purchasing a new SSL  Certificate

Renewing your SSL certificate means you need to purchase a new one. New SSL certificates can be purchased from your HostGator Customer Portal and installed for free. To purchase a new SSL certificate from HostGator, please see the following article:

You may also purchase an SSL elsewhere, and we will install it for a $10 fee. If you would like HostGator to install an SSL certificate from a third party, please visit the following articles for more information:

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