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Obtaining and Installing CuteFTP


CuteFTP is a Windows- and Mac-based File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application or an FTP client. Like most FTP software, CuteFTP uses a user-friendly graphical interface to perform tasks that normally require a cumbersome command line utility. It allows users to upload, download, and edit files on remote FTP servers without knowing all the details of the protocol itself.

A trial version of CuteFTP is available. If you're looking for other free FTP clients, several are out there, such as FileZilla.

Where and How to Download CuteFTP

  1. CuteFTP can be installed from http://www.cuteftp.com/.
  2. Click on the Free Trial button at the top menu or the Start a Trial link at the bottom page to get the trial version of the software.

    You can also click Add to Cart to purchase and download the complete software.

  3. Make sure you download/purchase the appropriate software for your Windows or Mac machine (CuteFTP for Windows computers and CuteFTP Mac Pro for Mac users).
  4. Once the download is complete, follow the installation instructions.

Congratulations! The CuteFTP trial version has now been installed on your computer. You are now ready to open the application and connect to your web hosting server using the FTP client, CuteFTP.

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