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How to Transfer Files with CuteFTP


Once you have connected to the server using CuteFTP, transferring files can be completed with a simple drag and drop process.

Transferring Files

Any of the methods below can be used to transfer files and folders:

  • Clicking and dragging an item from the left local section to the right remote section, or vice versa
  • Clicking and dragging an item from your desktop or open window on your computer to the right remote column, or vice versa.

Note: You can also click and drag files from the right remote site section into the left local section or onto your desktop or an open window to back up files on your computer.

Losing Connectivity with Larger Uploads?

If you are having trouble with CuteFTP losing connectivity with larger uploads, your  transmit buffer might need adjusting.

Note: The transmit buffers can only be adjusted in multiples of 1024 bytes (such as 1024, 2048, 3072 and so forth).

To make this change:

  1. Go to the Tools menu.
  2. Navigate to Global Options.
  3. Select Transfer the Buffer.

The default for both the Transmit & Receive buffers is 65536 bytes (64kb). Reduce the Transmit Buffer size until the problem disappears. The Receive buffer can remain at 64kb unless there is an issue with downloads.

The recommended settings for the buffer are 32768 bytes (32 kb) or 16384 bytes (16kb) as CuteFTP sets its Transmit & Receive buffers at the maximum allowed setting of 64kb (much larger than the default for most other FTP clients).

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