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How Do I Access My Spam Folder?

If you've configured your cPanel hosting account to use the Spam Box feature of SpamAssassin, mail identified as spam will be placed in a spam folder; however, you will not immediately see the spam folder in webmail if you have not created or subscribed to it.

POP clients (such as Outlook): Your mail program has a way to subscribe to your new folders. Please refer to the help section of your program.

Note: The SpamAssassin feature SpamBox recognizes the folder name 'spam' in all lowercase and not 'Spam.If the folder name is 'Spam,' the intended mail will not be delivered to the correct folder.

How to Access Your Webmail

Go to your webmail to get started. To know how to access the webmail, please follow the link below:

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How to Access or Create a Spam Folder

Click on the link below to view the instructions in accessing or creating a spam folder and jump into the type of webmail you currently have. The steps vary per webmail type.

Horde Webmail

  1. In Horde, at the top, click on the gear icon and then hover over Preferences and click on Mail.

    HostGator Horde Webmail Preferences for Spam

  2. Under Message, click on Spam Reporting.

    HostGator Horde Webmail Preferences for Mail - Spam Reporting

  3. Choose your designated spam folder from the drop-down list.


  4. Configure action queries appropriately.
  5. Click Save.

RoundCube Webmail

If a spam folder does not exist, you will need to create it. Use the steps below to create the spam folder.

  1. Visit the cPanel webmail interface, and choose RoundCube.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the page.

    HostGator RoundeCube Settings

  3. Click on the Folders tab.

    HostGator Roundcube webmail settings

  4. Click the + button in the bottom-left corner of the Folders panel to create a new folder.

    HostGator Roundcube Webmail folder

  5. Under Folder properties, in the Folder name field, type 'spam'.

    HostGator Roundcube spam folder

  6. Click Save.

You should now see the spam folder in the Folders panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Be sure that the checkbox next to the folder name, under the Subscribed column, is selected.