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Hatchling Plan

The Hatchling plan is the go-to option if you are at the beginning of your journey of running a website. It supports hosting for one website name instead of unlimited websites. Like the Baby and Business plans, this is empowered with several features anyone needs to get a website up and running.

The Hatchling Plan includes:

For more information about our Shared Hosting plan's features and current introductory rates, please check our front of site Shared Hosting.

If you are on an introductory or discounted hosting plan rate, you will remain at that price until the hosting plan renews. The hosting plan will then renew at the regular rate. For more information about the Shared hosting price list, check out this article Shared Web Hosting Price Chart.

Free Domain

HostGator offers free domain registration for newly purchased Shared Hosting plans. You can choose 1 Free Domain on a 12-month or longer billing cycle. After the first year, the domain will renew at the regular annual rate.

Free SSL Certificate

All Shared Hosting packages include a free SSL certificate that provides security for your website domains and subdomains by encrypting communications between the server and visitors to your website and flags your site secure by displaying a padlock icon in your address bar. To install your free SSL Certificate, please follow the directions in the article below.


If you have a Hatchling, Baby, or Personal Plan, you may upgrade your account to take advantage of the Free Private SSL Certificate by using the steps outlined in How Do I Upgrade My Account to a Better Plan? Once your account has been upgraded, please follow the above instructions to get your FREE private SSL.

Once you've purchased a Business plan, you can order the Positive SSL certificate directly from your Customer Portal at no charge. See the following article for the step-by-step directions:

To order the Free Dedicated IP address included with the plan, please contact us via phone or Live Chat to request one.

You may keep the SSL as long as you are hosting with HostGator; however, like all SSL certificates, the SSL must be renewed every year from your Customer Portal's SSL Certificates section.

Free WordPress/cPanel Website Transfer

Transferring a website can be a hectic task if you need to move an old website over to your new HostGator hosting account. To transfer a website, you may need your files, databases, scripts, and even domain to be migrated to your new hosting account. HostGator has a migration team that has been consistent in helping out customers with their transfer requests. You can reference the article HostGator Website Transfers for transferring the website:

Unmetered Bandwidth

No hard limits are enforced on a Hatchling Plan, which is good news to any account owner. This means you are not charged according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth you use.

Terms of Service only to utilize disk space and bandwidth in the regular operation of a personal or small business website.

Additional Resources

Follow the steps outlined in How Do I Upgrade My Account to a Better Plan? when you are ready to upgrade, there is no contract when you are on a plan. You can also read the following article to know more about the different hosting plans HostGator offers. 

Have another question? HostGator supports are here to help; please contact us via phone or Live Chat.