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Customer Portal - Change Primary Email

Within the Customer Portal, you can change the primary email address for your HostGator billing account. The primary email address should be kept current, as this is where we will send important notifications about your account.

For your security purposes, the primary email address should belong to the owner of the hosting account. The person answering at the primary email address is assumed to be the account owner or authorized to act on behalf of the account owner.

  • If you're logged in as an Admin or Tech user, please reach out to the Primary contact on file when changing the primary email address. For more information about users' roles and permissions, please visit the Customer Portal - Account User and Roles Permissions article.
  • For customers using HostGator Website Builder, we do not recommend changing your primary email address to avoid unlinking your Website Builder from your HostGator account.
  • Please note that changing the account's primary email address will also change the email address attached to your domain name. This means that once the email update is completed, the 60-day transfer or a CoR (Change of Registrant) lock is placed on the domain.
    CoR (Change of Registrant) Locks are applied by ICANN to increase the security of a domain to prevent hijacking or other potential hazards. If you are the Registrant or Primary Account Holder, updates made to your contact information that involve changes to the Registrant's name, email address, or organization name will result in a 60-day COR Lock on all domain names associated with your account.

How to Change the Primary Email Address

To change or update your primary email address:

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner, then click My Profile from the list of options.

    Customer Portal - My Profile

  3. In the My Profile & Security section, click Edit on the right to enable all fields, allowing you to edit your account profile.

    Customer Portal - My Profile & Security - Edit

  4. Enter your new email address.
    We recommend that you do not use an email hosted on your HostGator hosting account as your primary email address. Any issue preventing access to that account or email would also prevent you from using it to recover your account.

    Customer Portal - Enter new email address

  5. Once done, click Save.
  6. A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm your password. Enter your Customer Portal password, then click the Confirm button.

    Customer Portal - Confirm Password

  7. Once you confirm your password, another pop-up may appear, informing you that the update you're trying to do for the account's primary email address will also change the registrant information (WHOIS information) of your domain, resulting in a 60-day transfer lock. This will also require approvals from both emails sent to the current and new email addresses.

    Confirm update - 60-day Transfer Lock

  8. If you want to proceed, put a checkmark on "Yes, I want to save profile edits." and then click Save to finalize the change of primary email address.
Need further assistance in changing your primary email address? Please contact us via phone or chat so we can assist you! For security purposes, we may need to conduct verification before we can update your account.

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