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Customer Portal - Change Primary Email

The Email page allows you to change your primary email address for your HostGator billing account.

The primary email address on the account should be kept up to date since this is where we will send important information about your account.

For your safety, the primary email address is required to belong to the owner of the hosting account. The person answering at the primary email address is assumed to be the account owner or authorized to act on behalf of the account owner.

Change Primary Email Address

Important Notes:
  • We recommend that you do not use an email hosted on your HostGator hosting account. Any issue preventing access to that account or email would also prevent you from using it to recover your account.
  • For customers using HostGator Website Builder, we recommend not changing your primary email address to avoid issues with the account becoming unlinked.
  1. Log into your Customer Portal.
    • If you cannot remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link below the login area, then follow the instructions emailed to the primary email address on file.
  2. Select Profile in the Your Account drop-down.

    Account Profile

  3. Click Change under the Primary Email field to pop-out the option to enter the new email address.

    Account Profile

  4. Enter the new email address you wish to use, enter your PIN, then click Change Email.

    Change Primary Email Address

    If you do not know your security PIN, we have documented the steps to Update your Security PIN here. You will need to reset your PIN before changing the primary email address if you cannot remember it.
  5. Check the email at the address you are requesting to use and click on the provided URL in the body of the email to authorize your new email address on your customer portal account.

    Email Success Confirmation

  6. Once clicked, you will be returned to your Customer Portal and see a notification indicating that your email change was successful.
    • If you receive the following error, this means that the email address you have entered already belongs to another customer account.

      Email Fail Confirmation

If you experience issues with changing your primary email address, please contact HostGator support via phone or Live Chat, and we will be happy to assist you.

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