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What Is a Security PIN?

When you sign up for web hosting with HostGator, we will ask you to create a security PIN. The security PIN is a 4 to 8 digit number that only you know. When you contact us for support, it is used to confirm that we are speaking with the correct person (the account owner).

Your security PIN is similar to the PIN on your ATM/debit card.  Anyone who knows your PIN has access to your account. For that reason, you should protect your PIN and avoid disclosing it to anyone you do not wish to provide access to your account.

Should I share my PIN with my web designer?

No. Generally, there is no reason to give your web designer your PIN. Instead, it is recommended that you provide the web designer access via the control panel or FTP.

Be sure to remember the PIN you choose, as our agents cannot reveal the PIN to anyone, and it is NOT included in your welcome email.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you are the account owner and have misplaced your security PIN, you can change it in your Customer Portal. This article will help you change your PIN:

Alternate methods of verification

If, for some reason, you are not able to provide your security PIN, we can verify that you are the owner of the account in other ways. You can contact us via phone or Live Chat, so the agent you are connected to will assist you in verifying your identity.