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HostGator Website Builder

There is no easier way to build a website than with the HostGator Website Builder. HostGator Website Builder is our solution to provide you with an easy point-and-click website editor, allowing you to publish a professional-looking website in just a few minutes with features such as a blog, shopping cart, and payment gateway, all without any coding or web development experience.

This article will cover the differences between the HostGator Website Builder plans and what each special feature includes:

If you're ready to jump in and build a website with HostGator Website Builder, the following article will walk you through turning on HostGator Website Builder for your domain.

Walkthrough guides are also available to help you manage your content within the HostGator Website Builder.

HostGator Website Builder Plans

  Basic Recommended Professional Business
100+ Mobile-Friendly Templates
Drag & Drop Functionality
Pre-Built Sections and Pages
Page Limit: 6 Unlimited Unlimited
SEO Tools
Social Media Links
Image Library
Paypal Integration
Google Analytics Integration
Embed HD Video ***
Revision History
Custom Favicon
E-commerce Shopping Cart
Inventory Management
Multiple Payment Processors
Coupon Codes
Facebook Integration


  • *Basic HostGator Website Builder is free with Linux Shared and Cloud Sites plans.
  • **Starting price per month includes a discount for extended billing cycles paid in advance with the maximum discount at 36 months.
  • ***The Website Builder provides video and video gallery elements to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos easily. You may also use the Custom HTML element to embed another video source.

Continue to the next section to read more about each feature.

HostGator Website Builder Plan Features

100+ Mobile-Friendly Templates

With the HostGator Website Builder, there's no need to get started from scratch. Build a website by picking from over 100 professionally designed templates that look beautiful on desktop and mobile browsers.

After selecting your preferred template, it's a breeze to fill it in and modify it to match your style and be unique to you. And the best part is that you will be able to edit your mobile and desktop content independently!

Google Analytics Integration

With either our Professional or Business plan, Google analytics integration is easy and built right into the editor, allowing you to track how well you're reaching your audience and your conversion rates!

Full E-Commerce Features

With our Business level website builder, you'll be able to create a full catalog, host a shopping cart for your customers, and we even include a payment gateway for you to use to process transactions. All you need to complete the package is your merchant account.

Facebook Integration

Our Business level website editor lets you integrate Facebook usage directly into your pages. You'll be able to let visitors like and share your products, posts, and pages with just a click of a button!

So, if you're thinking of adding a Facebook Pixel to your website, this third-party article would be a huge help for this great feature. Follow the Facebook Pixel article instructions to get the code you need.


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