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Adding a Divider in Weebly

Weebly is unavailable on new Shared (SW) accounts; however, WordPress is an excellent alternative to these builders. The instructions on how to install WordPress are discussed in the article: How to Install WordPress With Softaculous.

To confirm if you are on a new Shared (SW) package, please see this article, How to Tell if You Are on a New or Legacy Hosting Package, for more information.

The Divider element allows you to add a horizontal line divider between elements on your Weebly webpage, emphasizing that particular section. While Weebly does not offer a vertical divider by default, its drag-and-drop horizontal dividers can make your contents look neat and organized.


Weebly Divider Sample

How to Use the Divider Element

To add a Divider element:

  1. Log in to your Weebly homepage.
  2. Under the Build tab, locate the Structure section from the left-side menu.
  3. Drag the Divider element on your workspace.

    Weebly - Divider Element

  4. Once you select the Divider element, you will see three options:

    Weebly - Divider Element

    • Weebly - Spacer - Arrow Menu - Click the arrow icon on the left side to copy or move the Divider element to other pages of your Weebly website.

      Weebly - Arrow Menu

    • Weebly Box Menu- This icon enables you to move the Divider on your workspace.
    • Weebly - Close Menu- This icon allows you to delete the Divider.
  5. Click the Divider element to see more options for customizing its spacing and width.

    Weebly - Divider Element -Menu

  6. Once done, you may want to check your site's mobile version to view how the dividers look on mobile devices.
    How to Check Mobile Version in Weebly

    To check the mobile version of your website:

    1. On your Weebly homepage, click the monitor icon on the top menu.

      Weebly - Monitor icon

    2. Select Mobile.

      Weebly - Select Mobile

  7. Click the Publish button located in the top right corner to save your changes.

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