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Adding Multiple Columns in Weebly

The Multiple Columns element allows you to add up to five columns to a page or section of a page. This allows for greater flexibility by changing the layout of a page (or a section of a page) to line up elements and content side-by-side.

Adding Multiple Columns

To add multiple columns anywhere on the page, simply drag any of the elements from the Build sidebar to be on either the right or left side of another element.

Adjusting the Columns

Width of Columns

You can change the width of a column by dragging blue bar that appears between each column. Divider bars only appear in the editor and will not appear between or around the columns on your published site.

[showing how to adjust the gutters]

Padding and Content

The padding between the columns and the content within each column can be managed via clicking the blue bar to bring up the settings popup.

popup showing padding between columns

Adding Elements to Columns

There are no limits to the number of elements you can add to each column.  They will stack on top of each other as usual.  You can also continue to add elements above and below the Multiple Columns element. This enables you to have multiple columns on just part of the page.