The Internet is very large, and constantly growing.  One of the by-products of our beloved Internet is that often times businesses of all sizes can lose control over exactly what information is out there and where it is displayed.

There are numerous sources from which a directory or local search engine can get data for it’s listings.  These are called “data aggregators.”  Generally speaking, there is very little control that can be exercised over these data aggregators.  A quick Google search for your business will likely return results that you didn’t even know existed, containing information that is either out-dated or incorrect.

This can best be illustrated with the following graphic by David Mihm from his article A Closer Look at the Local Search Data Providers:

Looks convoluted, right?  This is where Yext steps in and simplifies the entire situation.  What Yext offers to it’s PowerListings Customers is total control over the information displayed about their company throughout this entire “ecosystem.”  In other words, you tell Yext what you want displayed throughout the Internet and Yext does the rest.  The result changes the above image to something more along these lines:

Looks much cleaner, right?  Ultimately, Yext offers more control over the way your business is presented throughout the Internet.  Right now Yext is offering a free, no obligation business scan to HostGator Customers.  This business scan will show you where your business currently fits (or falls) within the above ecosystem.  There is no purchase requirement; this is a courtesy service to verify that your business is listed correctly in as many places as possible.

To receive your free business scan from Yext, simply visit the following URL and enter the basic information about your business:

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