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HostGator’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

It’s the end of the year… that special time we spend spreading holiday cheer with friends and family, reflecting on cherished memories from another year gone by, and, of course, reading “Best of 2017” round up blog posts online.

Here’s our list of HostGator’s top blog posts of 2017. Enjoy!

Tips for Choosing Best Domain Name

#10  10 Tips to Choose the Best Domain Name 

For domain names, as in real estate, having the right address can make all the difference. Before visitors see your site layout, content, and branding, your domain name is the first impression they have. Whoa, that’s a lot of pressure! Fortunately, these ten tips for picking your domain name should ease the process.

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Best WordPress Blogs

#9  25 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow

As intuitive as WordPress is, for anyone using it, it’s useful to have more information on the possibilities available on the platform and the resources out there you can take advantage of. For that reason, a number of WordPress blogs have risen to prominence that all provide a wealth of useful information on how to get the most out of the popular platform.

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How much RAM CPU do I need for my website

#8  How Much RAM and CPU Does Your Website Need?

When you select a hosting environment, many of the hardware components will be the same, but if you run a larger site, then you’re going to need to focus on the scalability of the server resources. Here are the common hardware specifications you’ll need to look for when choosing a web host, including the amount of RAM and CPU you’ll need.

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Changing Name Servers

#7  Do You Need to Transfer Your Domain or Change Your Name Servers? 

When you own a domain there’s a lot of things you’ll be able to do with it, beyond building a website on the domain. Naturally, talking about domain name transfers and name servers can get a bit technical and overwhelming, so we bring the process down from the clouds for you.

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How to sell a website

#6  Want To Sell Your Website? Prep It With These 6 Steps

People sell websites for a variety of reasons, but they don’t always know where to start. We walk you through the process of selling your website. The more prep work you do, the smoother the sales process will be, and you’ll also improve the chances of selling your site for a larger payment.

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cPanel guide

#5  The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding cPanel

cPanel can be used to accomplish a lot of website-related tasks. Uploading files, creating a domain email address, adding more domains to your hosting account, and installing WordPress can all be done in your cPanel. We dive into cPanel and walk you through accomplishing a variety of hosting related tasks.

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Gaming Server Hosting

#4  The Ultimate Guide to Dedicated Gaming Servers

A lot of gaming servers end up being limited. Instead of playing the kind of game you want to play, you’re stuck playing in the customized environment that’s required for massive server play. Sometimes you just want a little more customization and control over your gaming environment. This is where dedicated gaming servers come in.

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How to speed up your website

#3  7 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

As average internet connection speeds increase around the world, web users are becoming less and less tolerant of slow load times.  At the same time, Google has stated unequivocally that it prefers to reward fast sites with higher positions in the natural search results. To take advantage of these dual benefits, you need to make site speed a priority on your site.

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How to start online store

#2  Building an eCommerce Website, Step by Step

Local retail shops, DIY craft makers, and even bloggers are starting to sell their merchandise and services online. What separates the successes from the failures? Among other things, a strategy and a good website. Without these, you may be setting your e-commerce site up for failure.

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Protect your website from hacker

#1  7 Easy Steps that Protect Your Website From Hackers

As a website owner, is there anything more terrifying than the thought of seeing all of your work altered or entirely wiped out by a nefarious hacker? You’ve worked hard on your website (and your brand) – so take the time to protect it with these seven easy steps will help keep your website safe.

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Thank you for reading the HostGator blog! We wish you a happy holiday and a merry new year!