WordPress Landing Page Builders

Did you know that 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website?

As a conversion oriented marketer, you’ll need to grab the attention of your visitors as quickly as possible and encourage them to do what you want on your website—either to subscribe to your list or purchase the product you sell.

And because the human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish–8 seconds–capturing your visitors’ attention is difficult and turning them into leads or customers is even harder. This is why creating landing pages must be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Landing pages remove all distractions from a page and narrow your visitors’ focus to the opt-in forms or call-to-action buttons placed in it. This persuades them to take an action like filling out a lead form or making a purchase.


Creating a WordPress Landing Page

You don’t have to be a designer to create a landing page for your website. You can create landing pages yourself with a WordPress landing page plugin such as Thrive Landing Pages or OptimizePress. As there are many different choices, you’ll need to compare their features and find the right one that fits your need.

In this post, I’ll introduce four WordPress landing page builders and example landing pages built with them. I hope this will inspire you to create a conversion-oriented landing page for your next marketing campaign.

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Landing Page Builder #1: OptimizePress

OptimizePress is the most popular landing page builder for self hosted WordPress sites. The product is available as a two core parts, both plugin and theme. Beyond landing pages, you can use it to build membership websites as well.

If you’re looking to create landing pages with a design consistent with the rest of your site, or to build a membership website, using the theme option for your site would be the right choice.

Alternatively, you may use the plugin version if you don’t want to change the entire theme just for the sake of building a few landing pages on your website. Below are two successful landing pages that were created using OptimizePress.


Expert Voice Book

This landing page is designed to build an email list that offers a free ebook written by Kristen White. The landing page uses the latest OptimizePress theme that supports responsive design, as well as a WP Video Lightbox plugin to beautifully embed Vimeo video on the page.

ebook landing page


What this page does well: By embedding a convincing video and displaying media company logos at the top, the page establishes the author as an authority.

Apart from explaining the opt-in offer, the page also explains who the author is and includes testimonials as a social proof.


Healthier Fat Loss

This site used the OptimizePress theme to build landing page that promotes their weight loss program. 

Landing page example


What this page does well: The landing page briefly explains what the program is and its benefits by using beautiful images. The video is not hosted on a third-party platform like YouTube, so it doesn’t contain a link that takes away readers from the site.

They also use various certification logos beneath the CTA button along with doctors’ endorsement, which gives a sense of security to potential buyers to make a purchase.

CTA with trust signals


Landing Page Builder #2: Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder lets you create visually impressive content right from the visual editor of your WordPress site without the need of touching a single line of code.

Better yet, it also allows you to pick from more than 150 templates, so you don’t need to create everything from scratch. Let’s take a look at a landing page that was created using this plugin.


EJ Insider

The EJInsider website sells various information products, such as this premium ebook, How To Buy and Sell Websites

landing page for ebook


What this page does well: The landing page has followed all the recommended practices for boosting conversion: placing the CTA above-the-fold, removing distractions like external links that may take visitors away from the landing page, and including positive testimonials.


Landing Page Builder #3: LeadPages

LeadPages is a stand-alone landing page builder. Unlike other plugins featured in this post, LeadPages is a hosted solution, so you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee for the service.

You can either create a sub-domain or use your own website’s domain for your landing page.

Once you installed the plugin, it connects your WordPress site with LeadPages server so you can easily start creating landing pages right from your WordPress website.

LeadPages is a perfect choice especially if you have a decent advertisement budget for driving traffic to your landing pages. It also enables you to boost your conversion rate by A/B testing your pages.


Loud Rumor

LoudRumor is a marketing agency for fitness studios and gyms. They use LeadPages plugin to create squeeze pages for their Facebook ad campaign.

This is one of the successful squeeze pages by LoudRumor created to promote a list building campaign. Their goal here is to explain the program using a video and encourage visitors to opt-in. Once the CTA button is clicked, an opt-in form will appear as a popup where visitors can submit the details.

Video landing page


What this page does well: The page is distraction free and it attracts highly targeted traffic through a PPC campaign. The page explains their program using the video without bragging too much with text-based content.


Landing Page Builder #4: Landing Page Builder

Landing Page Builder is a free WordPress plugin that lets you create unlimited number of pages. Best of all, you can pick from over 50 templates and it supports mobile responsive design. 


UC Baby

This landing page was used for a contest entry. Participants will need to opt-in for entering the contest. Of course, the entry has closed now but still the landing page is live. This landing page is created with the free Landing Page Builder plugin.

Contest landing page


What this page does well: This one is a perfect example of how simple a landing page can be to attract user entry. With over 900 entries, the page was a success.


Have you used any of the above landing page builders? Share your landing page in the comments!