HostGator  Blowerz

Since we have introduced Uncle Carl to the world, he has become a smashing success. People have absolutely LOVED his unique inventions.

For those that don’t know Uncle Carl, he is the mastermind behind Waist Holders, Lady Fashion Wallets, Ear Bookz, and my personal favorite, Shabamazama.

In fact, because we can’t get enough of Uncle Carl’s creativity, we have brought him on as HostGator’s Head of Product Development!

Uncle Carl hit the ground running and has already introduced some revolutionary new ideas!

Blowerz, his initial offering, is an ingenious invention that will help keep our servers cool and running at maximum efficiency.

He’s designed a couple of prototypes thus far. The first was a setup of straws throughout the facility that cousin Jerry would blow into.

Unfortunately, this didn’t keep the servers cool for long and cousin Jerry started to get light headed more or less right away. Turns out, this was an inefficient prototype.

So now we’re happy to introduce the new design!

HostGator April Fools

This state of the art contraption (as Carl calls it) will reverse the flow of a vacuum and push the air right through an industrial pipe system. Our servers will be cool in no time.

Currently we are calling many manufacturers about creating this product and nobody seems to be interested in this yet. Uncle Carl believes they just can’t understand the nature of the system.

However, Uncle Carl is optimistic in his efforts and we fully support his enthusiasm.

We will have blowers on the back of all servers by the end of this year!
Oh by the way, APRIL FOOLS!