How to Turn Your Blog Into a Functional Business

Starting our very own blog is sometimes just the kind of a thing that manages to happen to us, without any real reason as to why, other than to express ourselves, our ideas, and our thoughts. Blogging can bring a lot of clarity to one’s life, it can help to connect with a creative area that was previously unknown and almost non-existent. Blogging connects us with a vast network of other bloggers, and of course, people who are always seeking more insightful information and experiences about the kind of subject you wish to write about.

Blogging is all about experience; we progress with our writing, and we begin to progress with other skills such as online marketing, email marketing, growth hacking, amongst other freelance-related areas, but the most interesting thing is that we can actually take these experiences and the skills we are learning and turn them into an actual paying business. The demand for freelancers with solid set of skills is always high, and why not take your blogging experience and turn it into your own little franchise!

If you haven’t started your blog yet, you may want to first check out our article on choosing a domain name and browse our popular WordPress plans.

Start with content production.

Your blog is your digital resume; it’s the database of the kind of work you have done up until that point, and it’s a clear mirror of the quality of content you produce, as well as the kind of audience it attracts. As a blogger, writing is your strongest point, and there is no need to question as to whether your writing is going to get better with time, because it will, and there are countless businesses and brands looking for reliable writers who have had the experience of producing content for real people, in real situations.

There are two ways to find work as a writer, either begin to advertise that you’re available for hire on your own blog’s pages through a specific widget or a page, or begin to reach out to companies directly; but remember to do your research first.

Get paid to talk.

Conferences, events, small business talks are all events where organizers are looking for insightful and educated minds to engage and connect with the audience. Some of the world’s most successful public speakers earn tens of thousands of dollars each time they do a public talk. You could be that person, although don’t expect to earn much more than a few thousand at your first few events — practice is everything when it comes to learning how to connect with your audience and how to keep them entertained for as long as necessary. The easier choice might be to become a sponsor at the particular conference or event yourself, giving you more solid exposure.

Create Your Blog

Charge for an introduction to your audience.

The blogging-sphere has changed a lot in the recent couple of years, and that has also changed drastic changes in the way online advertising is perceived, and how brands can connect with bloggers to create advertising-based relationships that would benefit both parties. One of the most popular methods for advertising in the current age of digital content is ‘sponsored content’ — an article, blog post, news post where the given company pays you a set sum of money in order to have an article published on their behalf.

The most important thing to remember about sponsored content is that you should always enforce a set of rules and regulations to make sure that the content that you publish on your blog from other companies is in full compliance with your own beliefs, and the beliefs of your community, otherwise you risk of running into a few unhappy readers!

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