Here at HostGator, we are all about our clients. We continually strive to provide the very best support and newest hardware and technologies available, as well as provide informative and entertaining content  to our blog readers and forum members. With that being said, we would like your input.

How are we doing? What would you like to see more of? What type of content are you most interested in seeing in our blog? As most of you may already know, our blog is filled with mostly entertaining and comical posts. We would like your input so that we may continue to evolve and gravitate even closer to our customers. Would you like to see more informative/technology related posts? Do you prefer the more tongue in cheek posts? Are you happy with how things are currently?

We would like our customers to become more involved and active in our continued growth and evolution as a company, so here is your chance to speak out and voice your opinion on things. We welcome any and all input, and your opinions of our current social media content, as well as where you would like to see it in the future. So go ahead and leave us your opinions and suggestions, they just might be implemented!

Ready, set, go!

I want you!

69 thoughts on “The customer is always right!

  1. I love your hosting and I’ve been with hostgator for years. Only problem (which drives me bonkers) is I never get a bill ….I only get past due notices when an invoice is due? If a bill would be emailed in a timely fashion it would be paid right away. Instead I get an email stating 10 days to pay or cutoff? Why is this?

    1. @matt pepin, having migrated most of our clients over to our new in-house billing software, this should no longer be an issue moving forward.

  2. Your support is fantastic. Your deals are fantastic. Response times are extremely low, and uptime is really high.

    If I seriously had any constructive criticism to give you, I would.

    So I guess.. I don’t know, tweet more? Just for funsies.

  3. Hi Hostgator!

    I think that you are doing fantastic. I have worked with numerous other web host companies and you guys are by far the best.

    I love how you are involved with your customers and you have a personality that really connects. Your support system is great, and I never have to wait more than 5 mins when I need chat support. Also, when there are issues on your end (which is expected with any web host), you tweet about it and do your best to give an ETA.

    To be honest, I have not been reading your blog, but I have just subscribed and I will now.

    I can’t express how happy I am with you enough. Keep up the good work!

  4. I only moved to Hostgator a couple of weeks ago.

    It was a challenge moving sites and databases but well worth the effort as it’s been a breath of fresh air dealing with your support team. i’d definitely recommend Hostgator now to anyone who asks me who they should host with.

    Thank you!

  5. I like the fact that I don’t have to contact the support team very much. This is an indication your hosting service is working. I use my hosting for e-business so when it’s offline I’m not making money. The few times that I have had to contact support replies have come though very quickly. Very impressed and have recommended your services to others.

  6. HostGator, you are fantastic. I just joined the ‘family’ as of a few days ago and I can say I love the service. :)

    Keep up the humor in posts. I’m sure everyone can use a laugh once in a while.

  7. I have been hosting several of our websites with you guys for 5-6 years now, and I can’t praise you all highly enough. You guys are at least an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Your 24-7 online chat is just superb, and you almost always help me fix in 5 or 10 minutes whatever problem I have (sometimes–or often–caused by me), and you do it cheerfully.

    I have recommended my design clients and friends to host with you, too (and many, many have); and let me tell you, as a web designer, what a joy it is to work with a hosting service where everything works so well!

    I’ve had clients with the other kind of hosting service, too, and I’m almost ready to insist on my clients giving me the option to choose the host. It would save them beaucoup bucks in web design fees, for one thing, just so I don’t have to jump through hoops trying to accomplish something that should be easy to set up, but other hosts have made it so…challenging.

    I’ve only recently discovered the blog, so I can only say humor is always appreciated.

    I do have a suggestion: now that you guys are in Austin, why don’t you host something for your Austin clients? Maybe offer some tutorials or workshops? Personally, I could really use some help with such things as how to properly set up all the complex settings in the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress; keeping things cleaned up on the server; proper permissions settings for various filetypes, etc. It’d be nice to get to know some of you folks, too…

    Or, maybe post that stuff on the blog, and just throw a party.

    I would finish by saying I’m your biggest fan, but I see there are many, many of us. :)

  8. Howdy, gator pard. I have my site, and those of four clients with you; I’ll move a couple more of ours as time allows. (I’m a lazy cuss and they’re paid up for awhile elsewhere…) I *always* recommend hostgator when the question arises.

    As for the blog and your tweets, no gripes here. Do as you’re doing, and next time you have a cold one, imagine I’m toasting to you. Cheers.

  9. I’d personally LOVE to see a Cloud solution from HostGator. As my company grows, and since we run mostly web applications, not websites, we’ll need the ability to scale quickly. I’ll be forced to choose between another providers solutions or staying with HostGator’s VPS’s or Dedicated Servers when that happens.

    But other than that, HostGator is doing great from what I can tell! Support has always been EXTREMELY helpful in everything.

    HostGator FTW!

  10. I wish I could comment more on your tech support and customer service, but suffice it to say that I haven’t needed it yet! :) I’ve been a customer for several months and am enjoying not having to call every couple of weeks to see why my email isn’t working or my site isn’t accessible. When I was switching over to HostGator, though, I was very impressed with the speed and helpful attitude I encountered in switching my site to your servers — I couldn’t have been more pleased.

  11. Here are my many two cents.

    – Perhaps increase process limit.
    – Ability to send mail through specific rDNS instead of gator***, etc. This really helps with spam filters and other firewalls that block * and other hosts.

    – QuickInstall is fantastic, keep improving it and expanding the library.

    Well those are my suggestions.

  12. Woops… forgot something.

    I’ve been a customer on and off for about four years and your service has been impeccable. The uptime is fantastic, the support is excellent, and when i’m having money issues, you’re always willing to negotiate. I have had no qualms with you before, and I suspect I never will!

    Thanks for the wonderful service,

    Sam Brereton.

  13. And just want to add that the online chat support is brilliant – never wait long, always helpful.

    Also unlike many chat supports you don’t feel like they are trying to achieve a target number of calls so want to get rid of you at the first opportunity!

  14. Before starting of my own business i work for one well known website development company and that time I had selected HOSTGATOR as hosting provider. I got best support from HOSTGATOR….

  15. I would like to see more information about programming security php, mysql and others. I’m from Brazil, use the service host of HG for 2 years, approve and recommend.

  16. As a freelancer, I redirect all my customers to host sites at hostgator. You are definitelly the best and I have seen a lot of them.

  17. I love hostgator I would love to see more info about cloudflare and services alike using cloud services helps getting the 100% uptime.

  18. we definitely need more time to allow us to pay the bills. i hate to come back from a short business trip or vacation and find that hostgator has suspended my site for non-payment by a few days late. we need at least a week or two, with a notice email on the last day, so we can do the necessary given enough time.

  19. 2 things.
    1. i had a terrible time with a migration.

    2. i would like to see an emphasis on cloud hosting development. would help with true 100 % uptime…

  20. @Dave

    You automatically get a 10 day grace period from when its due and then you can also request in support/live chat for an extension for up to 7 days. This makes for up to a total of 17 days past the due date.

  21. I see many people are posting about having more time to pay invoices. Our new billing system allows you to add credit to your account before the invoice is created. Invoices are created on a pretty set pattern so hopefully there aren’t any surprises and the new system get’s this fixed for many of you.

    Please let me know if this works for you all posting here.

  22. Been a customer for about 8 months now after switching from Go daddy.
    Some things I would like to see is:
    1./ A login on your homepage (I can never remember where to login.)
    2./ My webmaster says the design/layout of your c panel is terrible and not user friendly.
    3./ More articles on SEO or somewhere that we can do link exchanges with other HG customers.
    4./ Your own domain service, so we don’t get redirected.
    Other than that you guys are doing great.
    Thanks HG

  23. OK, thanks for the info.

    Now, on to another thing that’s been puzzling me – in your last newsletter you said something about offering domain registrations on your own and something about competing with GoDaddy? Is that going to happen anytime soon? You said “in a couple of weeks” in the newsletter and it is already 3 weeks gone since that announcement was made. Or maybe it was a typo. I am looking forward to register my new domains with hostgator, so i am eagerly waiting for you to make the move, as announced.

  24. I want to win free web hosting. Or cup for coffee. Or T-shirt whit green crocodile . For Month,for year.
    Make games. For best video about HostGator. For best article about “Why i choose HostGtor”. Or best funny picture of green crocodile. Let`s we make good link bait and chance for win prices.

    My 2 cents.

  25. 1) from business and product perspective,I suggest to come up with a $2/mo hosting plan combined with your domain registration that you are coming up. This will beat all the Big Shots in both the fields (hosting & registration) and make u the top. It is also cost-effective for the customers. Instead of paying $24 in one-shot per year, customers will be more satisfied to pay $2/mo
    2)From the Affliates perspective, give the affiates the chance to share the banners through their facebook and twitter accounts to their friends/followers and give a credit to them whenver someone signs up through those links. Marketing through Social Web will give more ROIs than normal ways of asking affiliate to post the banner in his/her website.
    3)From the customer perspective, organize a Hostgator store for people to buy HG goodies of Th-Shirts, mugs, etc labelled with the cute litle Gator and the logo. In this way, hostgator will be in hearts of many just nearby them all time
    4) During Holiday season like Thanksgiving and Christmas, shoot some hot deals in hosting for people to grab and give them the option to share that to their family/friends as a holiday token of love – we can even share coupons and promotions through this medium. This will increase more attention to Hostgator and generate good ROI
    5)Again, from the business perpective, I suggest to explore markets around the world like Europe, APAC, Ocenaia and setup hosting options for customers from those countries. Going local and selling hosting in local currency will add more value since customer won’t feel that the data.
    6) Organize a HostGator community Event every year across the world(as and where you setup foot) and make it a “HostGator Day” — call all customers and have fun, collect feedback and showcase the best practices and ask the customer to speak to the audience about their experience. Share the whole day event in blog or youtube so the other side of the world can hear :)

    Cheers Guys

    Way to Go HostGator

  26. Moreover, your newsletter does not have option for people to sign-up for it with email address

    I was searching for this option in your blog and homepage, but could not find one

  27. I totally agree with what has been said before. we do need some friendly competition and exciting limited-time offers on special holidays and occasions. Hostgator should also offer special discounts on the best-known and most popular holidays, like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc, etc. You could make the special competitions or offers last for that special day only, or for the rest of the related week.

    Just last month, i participated, along with several of my friends, in the nice competition at where they have amassed an even greater number of customers, by doing this huge week-long (i think it was 1 or 2 weeks?) where one of their staff would post a question on their twitter account and those who answer correctly are randomly picked by their machine. the winners are then announced in a special open section of their website. the winners get free domain of their choice. that’s an excellent business strategy, as the customers will usually want hosting to go along, and they are likely to buy it from namecheap itself, as it offers special bundles if the domain is registered with them. also, when renewing the domain, the lucky new customers will likely renew with the same company again. that’s a win-win for both the company and customers.

    you can edit out the mention of namecheap if you think it’s inappropriate, but as a faithful customer i really appreciate hostgator, so i would honestly like things to be improved, as there are definitely several opportunities for you to grown upon.

  28. I’ve been a HostGator customer for several years and have been nothing but pleased during that time. Excellent service and great pricing. It’s a no-brainer (sorry zombies).

    Regarding WHM and cpanel, I am a freelance web designer and am forced to interact with my customer’s various web hosts and most of them are terrible. Yes, cpanel can be clunky and a little ugly but it works and is usually pretty simple to use which is a lot more than I can say for other companies (I’m looking at you Network Solutions…yuck).

  29. @ charlie,

    that is a good idea! so you can figured out some problems or something like that and at the and of the test you always can deside to do or do not.

  30. When’s your domain registration service starting??

    I’m waiting for it as I want to move my domains away from GoDaddy.

  31. Please put mod_pagespeed on the fast track to testing and implementation. It will help pages load faster, and do better in Google rankings… since Google is now factoring page speed times into their index.

    Oh, yeah, and raise the cPanel backup threshold, or offer some sync solution for standard hosting accounts. Process limits, yadda, yadda.

  32. We are currently not implementing this on our shared servers at this moment, however, you may submit a ticket if you are on a dedicated or VPS server to have this setup for you.

  33. You honestly need to put some work into easier migration for resellers from other hosting companies to HG. You guys did a fantastic job for me but it involved over an hour on the phone and a number of back and forths on a support ticket. Anything you can do in order to automate the migration from old crappy hosting to new Host gator hosting (with little or no down time) will provide a happy customer and excess revenue for you. Email me if you want any more info. I actually STARTED (but did not finish) writing something in php and would be happy to hand over the code to you.

  34. I noticed that there is not a link to your homepage in the newsletter. Sure, you can go to another page and then hit the homepage, or (and this is the last resort :-) ), actually type it in.

    Just a suggestion…

  35. So…what happened with HostGator domain registration? You mentioned it in a previous newsletter, then nothing more. I’d really like to find an alternative to GD. Thanks for the great service!

  36. Love everything about hostgator except the support for Apple mail and imap. This often brings our website down. Are you going to fix this?

  37. First, let me say that I have always appreciated your awesome support. As a reseller, I sometimes wish that the WPM was a little more “hip” or professional. Especially the webmail piece.

    Overall, you guys rock! :) Thanks for all that you do!

  38. Hostgator is almost perfect ….

    just needs an antivirus like many other hosts who doesn’t even a great service like HG .

    so .. next time i login to my cpanel , i really wish to find that button over there :))


  39. i love hostgator. bang for the buck. my site has never been down. chat feature is good. also lookin for a dedicated server and mostly will go with hg

  40. Hi ,
    I am from India. I was with different hosting provider and faced lots of issue. and last moment before closing our biz i thought of trying Hostgator. Now am getting more than 120% profit.
    Brent en all gives me very much close support. Still getting more than 99.999% updtime

  41. We spent a few years will “go Garbage” and payed dearly for our decision to allow those incompetants to host our website.

    HOST GATOR saved us – we are up 200% with your hosting and our awesome dedicated server. I do however have a suggestion.

    How about a department that handles website development/maintenance issues. Maybe not start ups but can assist your customers in operating and maintaining there sites? Properly trained and talented website developers are EXTREMELY RARE and finding one you can trust is an even rarer occurance. Many of you staff have forgotton more about website development ( c panel issues) than most good web designers even know. Anyhow – Thanks for the chance to ask….


  42. While I understand your reasoning for not creating unlimited space/bandwidth options on your reseller plan, thats the only thing keeping me from signing up. There are plenty of other hosts out there that offer it, and it has a big effect on long-term ability for resellers to make a profit. I know you were a hold-out on unlimited plans for standard accounts as well, but thats what needs to happen for me and I’m sure lots of other people to sign up. I love your service, but the lack of an unlimited option scares me off.

  43. I’m a very happy HG reseller and I’m very excited about the prospects of a full featured Host Gator registration service! Let’s hear more.

    Please be sure to offer a competitive reseller program with a great Host Gator interface. Most importantly, please offer FREE DOMAIN PRIVACY for the life of the registration. This is so easy to do and the single most important feature that would influence me to transfer my many domains to an HG registrar service.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  44. I’m not sure HG is interested in addressing issues as much as they are keeping the blog a love-fest. Despite the statement “so here is your chance to speak out and voice your opinion on things” – they have removed 3 postings now questioning their CloudFlare service. Again despite the very positive information about it in the newsletter, technicians say it should ony be used if you have problems. They pretty much would not let me use it. I’d feel better if I knew this was just a lack of communcation and not an attempt to cover everything up by routinely removing blog postings.

  45. I have multiple websites, but my receipts from paypal only say an amount, not what company or website or customer # …. I have to research to find out! Can this be fixed?

  46. I have been a customer over a month now. I have been very happy with Hostgator and the tech chat support. I built my first site using Cpanel. As a former Dreamweaver Designer, it was time to put all my tools away because I was able to learn Cpanel, Joomla, Artisteer,site security, favicons in your address bar, I was able to learn your tools, build a full working basic website with upload forms, backups, all within a month just from tutorials and chat when I researched and couldn’t get it after a couple of hours. It would have taken me so much longer in Dreamweaver and I would not have the support or the codes to do all the things that I did with my site.

  47. Have you seen ?

    and ?

    They’re using your template to offer hosting in Peru.

    Dou you have any relation with them?


  48. I’ve been happy with the service so far. I haven’t been taking full advantage of my account yet since I’m still working on my site, but soon I’ll be able to truly test all the features there are.

    So I only have a few things I’d suggest:

    1) It would be good if the fee for changing from one plan to another would be less. I understand why you may not want to remove the fee altogether, so decreasing it would be good enough.

    2) For your VoIP service, please consider adding a monthly world subscription like the ones skype or vonage have.

    3) For suggestions, it’d be nice to have a place where customers can vote on suggestions instead of just gathering them in your comments.

    Regarding your social media efforts:

    1) It’d be nice if the newsletter also had coupons that current users can use. I asked about it once and I was told coupons could only be used in new accounts, not existing ones.

    2) It’d also be good if you added more than the coupon codes to the newsletter since, otherwise, it’d be equivalent to subscribing to your blog and therefore, there’s less of an incentive to subscribe to the newsletter for people who already subscribe to your blog like me. I’m not saying you have to add special offers, but at least special content or insights that aren’t already available in the blog.

  49. Hi, I must proudly say that I’m in love with Hostgator. Not to marry you guys but I’m in love with the whole customer service and servers stability…

    I do have to point out few things:

    1. You should place a bigger BILLING button in the website. Why? – Simple. As a webmaster I don’t always remember all the links and the new billing system link is kind of long, opposite to the old billing system link.

    I think the new billing system is pretty cool and you should motivate all of us to use it.

    2. PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS! I neeeeed some place where I can get Hostgator Merchandising… Come onnnn guys your a big brand! You are like Hosting Gods! How cool would it be if I place a little Hostgator ‘gator’ in my bed! -AWESOME-

    3. When I register a Domain/Hosting service, i.e. in GoDaddy they set the same date for both (the domain and the hosting service). Here with you guys I register the domain/hosting the same day (i.e. 5/6/2010) BUT a year after (5/6/2011) I have to renew the domain or the hosting a few weeks BEFORE the day I first registered the service.

    This is wrong. I don’t want to be sending emails to Sales Department telling them to manually charge me… I don’t know if this is fixed in the new billing system.

    4. Allow US to have 2 domains in the Hatchling plan :D PLS PLS PLS PLS!

    After all I must say I’m a happy client. VERY HAPPY CLIENT. Keep up the good work (eating up the competition! ooohhh yeeah :D )

  50. hi, great service, your reseller plans should be more competitive, 50 gb for $24,95 seems ok, but other hosters offers unlimited space and transfer for $19 a month, and sure we know what unlimited really means, but is a hell of a really good marketting hook, and its hard to be a reseller and not being able to offer unlimited space, should not be expensive for you to implement that, since most clients will never use more than a gb or so.

  51. I am a customer for 3 years, one is comfortable with a team, both technical support and sales people keep working and billing as well, of course very grateful, Gabriel

  52. Growing up and playing soccer in high-school, I was taught “the referee is always right, even when he is wrong!”. Arguing with a referee is a losing battle. He will never concede an error and he will definitely not reverse a call. And the best outcome is that you hope he forgets your complaint. Chances are, psychologically, he is annoyed and will lean against you in close calls! I would say the same applies with the customer issue here, only much more at stake – you will lose the customer and income, not just a silly soccer game.

    Feedback: Keep writing good quality content with integrity. Research your information because you don’t want to lose credibility. Various topics are of interest to me.

  53. I’m very disappointed that in the recent newsletter you tout support of NASCAR and UFC fighters. I would think that as a minimum you might consider more worth organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (which would actually be complimentary with your mascot?).

  54. I love the blog as it is now, but I would like some posts that are helpful in using your services to the max. Some of us are good a one or two things, but need help in areas like payment gateway integration or a comparison of WHMCS and WHM autopilot.

  55. What a joke … was convinced HG would be much better than my previous hosting company…. WHATEVER….five days later still not started transfer called after yet another useless email from ticketing.. manager Devin L states “i must remove privacy otherwise i will never receive an email to transfer”. This is odd as i have never had to do this before, so i ask him why; told:- “Most hosting companies do not send email if there is privacy so it makes it easier for us if it is removed”. A few more lies thrown in, ask for his supervisor or manager to get in touch as far from happy with the lies he is using on the call…told “email as there is no one above me who will talk to you!”

    This is the customer service HG is soo proud of. As i said what a joke!

  56. So kind of you folks. Thanks for asking us our suggestions what actually we are looking for and to get more help from you. I am more often visiting your blog and getting very useful & valuable information. As I get the opportunity to tell. I would like to see more new stuffs on Linux (cPanel/WHM/Commands/Issues), Security concerns, tips and tricks on attacks then it would be great. I will update more in near future. Thanks. Cheers.

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