Snappy recently had the pleasure of hanging out on-stage and backstage with Houston’s own Ryan Scroggins & The Trenchtown Texans. The band’s namesake and frontman is a veritable renaissance man; artist, multi-instrumentalist, song writer, professional tattoo artist and former herpetologist for the Houston Zoo.  Mr. Scroggins originally made a name for himself in the music world as the organist for the well-known ska band Los Skarnales.

The Trenchtown Texans play a unique mix of Americana/Ska/Roots/Reggae/Swamp music and have released three albums and toured extensively, however these days the band only makes appearances sporadically.  As such, it was truly a pleasure for Snappy to be able to share the stage with them at Houston’s Continental Club:


After the show, Snappy was fortunate enough to spend a few minutes with Mr. Scroggins.  Having again been a former Herpetologist for the Houston Zoo, Ryan is very familiar with gators, however this would be his first encounter with a blue gator:


If you have a keen eye, you’ll be able to spot Snappy in the video below of the band performing “Too Tired to Fight”:

A quick YouTube search will return lots of videos of this great band, and if they happen to come to your town do make it a point to check them out live.

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