When Daniel and Julio (HostGator support) thought that it was going to be just an average day at work, they had no idea what was coming. After entering the Elevator of the HostGator Building on the first floor, and pushing the 4th floor button, to their surprise the elevator stopped halfway up. What do people do in a small elevator when its stuck? They call in late to work to start with, because if you get stuck in an elevator there is a chance you may be there for a long time. I think 2 hours was enough for them.

After enough standing around, they decide to sit down. Since it was the holidays and there was nobody really working on elevators, Julio and Daniel thought they might have to wait till the next day to get out, but they didn’t. Brent and Brian managed to prop open the doors to help them squeeze through to the next floor. Just before the rescue, Daniel managed to record their cramped experience with his phone. From the looks of it Julio is a little upset already, Daniel however just seems to be having fun with this whole thing. Check the video out that we put on Youtube below.

6 thoughts on “Stuck In The Elevator

  1. Oh c’mon…they’re tech support dudes, and don’t tech support dudes learn to code elevators in preschool or somethin? :)

    Must not have been a Linux elevator.

  2. First of all, who is that handsome gentleman in front of the elevator, Daniel, Julio, or Justin?

    I have not viewed the video, but I’m certain it’s a hoot.

    (I just wanted to pop by and say “hello”, so “hello!”)

    “May your GOOD be BETTER, and may your BETTER be BLESSED”

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