Should you be Affiliate Marketer

Should You Get Into Affiliate Marketing?

Everyone is seeking new ways to make more money, especially online.

Some entrepreneurs create unique products, while others provide an in-demand service. But have you ever thought about promoting another business’s product?

Through affiliate marketing, you can recommend a company’s products to your network and get paid a commission if someone buys it. This entrepreneurial path isn’t the right fit for every person. It takes a few special skills.

“Affiliate marketing isn’t hard, but it does require knowledge, planning, and consistent effort to make any significant income,” writes Randy Duermyer, a social media marketing consultant.

Think you got what it takes to be an affiliate marketer? Here are seven signs that you were born for this role.


1. You’re Disciplined

Affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You won’t suddenly earn millions from commissions overnight. Instead, it’s a disciplined craft for people who have unwavering commitment.

But what does that mean?

When some newbie affiliate marketers don’t receive a commission check in their first month, they are ready to give up. They start seeking the next money-making idea.

However, successful affiliate marketers possess the discipline to keep selling, even when no commissions arrive. They try to figure out how to sell differently and create a strategy to gain more sales.

Lao Tzu quote

It’s all about building a vision around your goals. Yes, you’re selling products built by another company, but that shouldn’t limit you from taking it seriously.

With a positive mindset and dedication, you’ll become the next success story in affiliate marketing. And it starts with discipline.


2. You’re Persuasive

This new path you’re taking involves sales. So to earn a hefty commission, you must be comfortable with selling products and services to consumers.

Some of the best affiliate marketers are infectiously persuasive. They understand how to highlight the product benefits to their audiences and pinpoint how those benefits make a great impact in the person’s life.

A high-converting website is part of the affiliate marketer’s toolkit. You know how to attract consumers to your site and spark their interest in learning more about the product. You add copy that engages people and offers solutions to their daily challenges.

“Put yourself in the shoes of your visitor, would your [website] copy persuade you to buy this product? Are you engaged with what you’re reading? Do you want to read on and find out more about this product?” states Emily Matthews, affiliate manager at MoreNiche.

It’s important not to mistake being persuasive with being an arrogant salesperson. You don’t want to sell people products they don’t need. Instead, you want to be a trusted advisor to your audience by providing helpful information.


3. You Build Communities

Successful entrepreneurs repeat this piece of advice often: your network determines your net worth. This statement rings true when it comes to affiliate marketing.

To generate more commissions, you must be willing to build a quality community.

To grow that community, you’re willing to network outside your comfort zone. You understand that every person you meet offers value. You also realize that all the members of your community aren’t your customers.

For instance, you might connect with Sam, who isn’t interested in your products. However, Sam can get you in touch with Allison, who is a perfect match. Referrals lead to future sales.

Sustaining a community is just as important as building one. You need to provide as much value as possible. Creating useful content—blog posts, infographics, and ebooks—is an effective way to help your audience.

Take a few tips from Instagram expert Sue B. Zimmerman. She produces practical video content for her Facebook community. The post below received more than 3,000 views!


Affiliate promotion on Facebook

Start with who you know and continue to engage people with an authentic attitude. That’s how you build communities and your sales.


4. You Stay Organized

It’s rare for people to associate affiliate marketing with being organized. Exactly what are you organizing?

Well, most affiliate marketers don’t just sell one product. To reap the rewards of more revenue, they usually set out to sell two, three, or even five products. This means you’re working with several brands and acquiring multiple affiliate links, login URLs, and payout details.

You can easily get disorganized and find yourself overwhelmed by information. To keep your affiliate products and services organized, you might consider creating a spreadsheet.

Addi Ganley, blogger and affiliate marketer, says, “Whenever I sign up with a new affiliate program I like to keep track of all the important details for quick reference. I used to constantly login to each individual company when I needed to get my link, or even figure out when I would receive a payment. Now, I just hop into my toolkit and have all the information I need.”

If a spreadsheet isn’t your style, try project management tools, like Trello, to maintain accurate records. You’ll save time and won’t stress out.

Trello project management for affiliate marketing


5. You Enjoy Learning

According to an independent survey, the affiliate marketing industry in the United States is expected to grow to $6.8 Billion by the year 2020. Senior managers at companies see the value in developing robust affiliate programs to boost their ROI.

That’s great news for affiliate marketers. You have an opportunity to make some extra cash on the side or possibly supplement your entire income.

To become the best in the field, you must have a passion for learning. You enjoy researching about new products and watching videos to upgrade your sales skills.

We already know you’re a learner because you’re reading this blog post. So, if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate marketing or promoting an additional product, sign up for HostGator’s affiliate program and start earning money right now.

HostGator Affiliate


6. You’re Patient

We live in a very fast-paced society, where we expect everything to happen now. We can get a latte in five minutes and get an order shipped to our homes in under two days.

You can’t expect that same quick results in affiliate marketing. For every product you recommend, only a few consumers will actually purchase it. Others may buy, but it could be six or 12 months later. You’ll face a lot of rejection and won’t reap the rewards instantly.

“I’ll be the first to admit that affiliate marketing is not for the impatient. You will experience trials, challenges, and you will put forth a lot of fruitless labor. You will have to make sacrifices with your time,” says Craig Junghandel, a web developer, blogger, and internet marketer.

Think of affiliate marketing as a long-term strategy to earn more money. The actions you do today will have a positive result tomorrow.


7. You’re Honest

Today’s consumer is very skeptical. They get bombarded with advertising every second of the day.

And you can’t blame them. They might have bought defective products in the past, or never received a refund for an awful service.

That’s why affiliate marketers must be transparent with their audience. You don’t want to intentionally deceive someone about a product. Be honest and avoid exaggerating about what a product can or cannot do.

You also want to be upfront about your commission. On your site, disclose to potential customers that you will receive a payment when they click your affiliate link, as in this example from the EOFire podcast.

Affiliate commission link

No one wins when you’re not honest. So, strive to build a trustworthy relationship.


It’s Time to Sell

Affiliate marketing isn’t meant for every entrepreneur. The first step is to actually figure out if you have the skill set to take on the challenge.

The best affiliate marketers are lifelong learners who research for quality affiliate products. They know how to persuade their communities by highlighting benefits. Affiliate marketers also understand it takes time to build up a solid revenue stream.

Were you born to be an affiliate marketer? If so, sign up for HostGator’s affiliate program today.

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Originally from Louisiana, Shayla champions access to remote work opportunities. Connect with her on Twitter at @shaylaprice.