WordPress Plugins to Shorten URLs
URL shortening services are certainly not new to the web, platforms like TinyURL have been around for over a decade now and has successfully shortened hundreds of millions of URL’s for its users. The web is being inundated with new websites and content management systems that utilize very complicated and difficult URL patterns. When Twitter was introduced to the World, it quickly had to adapt to its own URL shortener due to the fact that URLs would be too long to copy and paste in traditional manner.

Default: https://twitter.com/HostGator/status/638766536421830656
Shortened: http://t.co/kE1FfPFSoh

It makes such a huge difference in the length of the URL, as well as the complexity of having to share it with your friends, relatives or coworkers. Other uses for URL shorteners, especially in the WordPress blogosphere, is the ability to mask affiliate links, a way for bloggers to earn revenue without having to directly expose their long affiliate marketing URLs, or we can mask our links from 3rd party affiliate sites that we are using on our blog, and rest assured that such techniques are completely safe in terms of their effects on your rankings.

If you have been struggling with keeping up with your analytics data on certain links, perhaps you’re having trouble really understand Google Analytics, you will be happy to know that URL shorteners usually provide a way to track your shortened links and their full statistics, when the link was clicked, and where, which can also help with understanding who else is sharing your links on the web. Bit.ly has the analytics platform narrowed down to perfection, definitely consider them as one of your first choices in learning more about modern link shortening.

Short URL

First we want to get clear about whether we want to use a 3rd party service, or we wish to use our own website for shortening our links. If your choice is leaning towards the latter, then Short URL plugin will give you all the necessary features to turn your own WordPress blog into a link shortening platform; giving you full control over how your links appear on the web, and your website.


ClickMeter knows what makes webmasters, marketers and online affiliate agencies tick. This state of the art link shortening solution provides a sea of features, for example you can use the variety of URL shorteners that ClickMeter offers, but you can also turn your own domain into a link shortening service. The comprehensive analytics platform will give you enough insights and data about the way your links are being exposed online that creating further duplicates of successful content are going to become a daily occurrence. You can even monitor links that have suddenly gone offline, helping you to protect yourself against unexpected Google penalties.


Google provides its own, easy-to-use URL shortener. Create tiny and flexible URLs that you can share with anyone and anywhere, and use the Goo.gl’s own monitoring platform to learn about the number of clicks that your links are receiving. Each shortened URL is complimented with a snapshot of the website that you’re shortening, at the time of shortening.


Adf.ly is known to be a platform for helping bloggers monetize their content by protect the outgoing URLs. This plugin will help you manage your Adf.ly account from within your WordPress dashboard, making it much more flexible to create the kind of URLs that will hopefully bring about revenue.


iOli is a simple and straightforward URL shortening platform that will let you shorten any URL on your website. Sometimes all we need is simplicity, and flexibility, and that’s exactly what iOli brings to the table for its users.

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