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Getting ready for your brand-new online store’s first holiday sales season can be a lot. It’s exciting for sure, because you have the chance to dazzle your customers and bring in more revenue. But it can also feel overwhelming because there are so many details and deadlines to keep in mind.

No worries! We want your store’s first holiday season to rock so hard we wrote an eBook about it. Get your FREE copy of The HostGator Guide to Rocking Your eCommerce Store’s First Holiday Season and let us help you create your holiday plan.

We’ll help you make your holiday season list and check it twice, so your store can wow customers with:

  • Cool holiday promotions and exclusive offers
  • Smart marketing plans
  • Speedy and reliable shipping
  • Great customer service
  • Payment options they like and trust

And because being the source of holiday cheer is a lot of work behind the scenes, we’ll also help you get ready to:

  • Wrap and pack orders like a pro.
  • Protect your store from fraudsters and troublemakers.
  • Bring in more customers without crashing your site.

Then we’ll show you how to review after the holidays so you can improve your performance, year after year.

What can we say? We love giving gifts. And you don’t have to shake this gift and guess what’s inside. Here’s what’s waiting for you in The HostGator Guide to Rocking Your eCommerce Store’s First Holiday Season:

Chapter 1: Plan Your Holiday Promotions

“A successful holiday season starts with planning what you’ll offer your customers. Even if it’s spring or summer when you’re reading this, trust us—you want to line up your promotions well ahead of the shopping rush.” 

We’ll help you create a holiday promo plan to reach your target customers at the right time with the right message to get them to share, show up and shop in your store.

Chapter 2: Make Your Holiday Marketing Plan

“Once you know the promotions you want to run during the holidays, you need to market them in a way that gets customers excited about visiting your store and shopping with you.”

By the end of this chapter, you’ll know how to plan, build and track your holiday promo campaigns—and you’ll have the answers to these questions:

  • What is a holiday marketing campaign, anyway?
  • What marketing channels will you use to promote your holiday campaign?
  • What content will you use for your holiday promo campaign?
  • How will you deliver your holiday promo content?       

Chapter 3: Create Your Store’s Exclusive Holiday Offers

How will you wow visitors when they get to your store? Special products, package deals and perks can make them more eager to buy from you. You’ll learn:

  • The 4 elements of a good holiday exclusive offer
  • The right time to plan and launch your holiday deals
  • Why bundles and bulk items are big at the holidays
  • How subscription sales can boost your revenue
  • How to create locals-only holiday exclusives

Chapter 4: Set Up Your Store’s Special Holiday Delivery Options

“Let’s look at what can be one of the most fun parts of your store’s holiday experience: giving customers the extras and special options they want for gifting and delivery.”

We cover the festive stuff your customers crave—like holiday gift wrap and cards, local same-day and next-day deliveries, comprehensive package tracking and special seasonal return policies.

Chapter 5: Set a Schedule and Stock Up for Holiday Shipping

“Get into reindeer mode, because once your customers buy from you, you’ve got to make sure their stuff arrives on time. And while you won’t have to entrust your fulfillment to team of flying caribou, holiday logistics can be tricky.”

We’ll share:

  • How to plan for longer delivery times and seasonal cost increases
  • How to share your holiday shipping rates and shopping deadlines with customers
  • How to avoid shipping fraud
  • How to show your customers where their stuff is

Chapter 6: Get Ready to Wrap and Pack Your Store’s Holiday Orders

After the orders come in, the real work begins!

“Put on your elf hat and start thinking about your packing workshop. Your store’s holiday season will go better if you have everything you need on hand and plenty of room to work when those first gift orders start coming in.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the stuff you’ll need to get your products wrapped, packed and on their way.”

We’ll also explain how to set up your workspace to keep things moving.

Want customers to buy more from you during the holidays? Make it easy for them to pay. You’ll learn:

  • What friction has to do with online buying
  • Whether your customers will get through checkout or just “check out” 
  • How to help your customers get to “Pay Now”
  • Why digital wallets are easy, trusted payment options  
  • Which payment options make the most sense for your store

Chapter 8: Get Your Customer Service Holiday Game Plan Together

“What else does it take to rock your store’s first holiday season? Customer service, and lots of it.”

This chapter explores the customer service channels you can add to your store, from chat, email and phone support to text messaging, social media and the humble but mighty FAQ.

Chapter 9: Safeguard Your Store from Holiday Fraudsters

It’s a sad holiday fact, like soggy fruitcake and that one uncle with no filter, that along with holiday shoppers there can be scammers placing orders in your store with other people’s credit cards.

In this chapter you’ll learn why is fraud a problem for online stores, what chargebacks are and why they’re awful, and 4 ways to protect your store from fraud during the holidays and beyond.

Chapter 10: Prepare Your Website to Host Holiday Visitors (and Bounce Troublemakers)

We’ll show you how to make sure your eCommerce website can conquer three of the biggest holiday challenges:

  • Holiday eCommerce challenge #1: Your website slows down or crashes
  • Holiday eCommerce challenge #2: Sold-out items look like they’re in stock        
  • Holiday eCommerce challenge #3: Malicious hackers crash the party     

Chapter 11: Do a Post-Holiday Review to See What Worked, What Didn’t and What to Start Planning Now for Next Year

“Even if you’re all holiday-ed out from managing your holiday promotions and filling gift orders, reviewing how you did will help you prepare better (and earlier) for next year’s holiday rush. It can also help you market smarter and grow your sales throughout the year.”

You’ll learn how to dig into your holiday data to answer these questions:

  • Did your holiday exclusives fly off the shelves? 
  • How many customers opted for your holiday delivery offers?    
  • Did you wrap and pack orders like Santa’s elves?
  • Did customers get their stuff on time? 
  • How did your holiday customers pay?  
  • Did your holiday customer service deliver the goods?   
  • How well did your store stop fraud?     
  • Did your website keep it together during the holidays? 

Start Rocking Your Online Store’s First Holiday Season Now!

The holidays can be the highlight of your eCommerce year if you plan, focus on your customers and get a little help your first time out. Get your FREE eBook now and start planning your holiday season success!

Casey Kelly-Barton is an Austin-based freelance B2B content marketing writer. Her specialty areas include SMB marketing and growth, data security, IoT, and fraud prevention

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