Whether your 16 or 86 years old, most remember the Attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii back on December 7th 1941. Today commemorates that fateful day 66 years later. There is something a bit different about today though. The Oklahoma, a ship that many men lost their lives aboard, was the second largest for the most amount of casualties than any other ship at Pearl Harbor except the Arizona. It is also the only battleship which has never been officially memorialized in Hawaii up until today. Below are some of the pictures of the original Pearl Harbor attack, in comparison to those of today. The last image is a topical from Google Earth.

One thought on “Pearl Harbor Day Remembered

  1. The Marble Sepulcher

    Oil still seeps from the Arizona,
    We crewmen still our stations keep.
    Each morning sees her flag unfurled
    She’s active in the Cincpac fleet.

    Above, a Marble sepulcher
    Astride her midship keeps the watch
    Acting both as Church and Tomb
    To visitors our tale imparts

    Our battle ended in a flash
    We’d barely heard the call to arms
    When the dastard Japanese
    Penetrated steel with bombs

    That morning we were men like you
    Men possessing hopes and dreams
    all shattered
    by exploding ammo magazines

    So now we dead in silence sleep
    Awaited orders never come
    From time to time our band augmented
    Former crewmen coming home

    But if we sleep, you should not sleep
    The price of freedom never free
    Ever vigilant your watch
    For death that comes from sky and sea.

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