As you remember, we had a day where anyone who wanted could play paintball. It was a blast, and we have some pictures to show you. Brent likes to have these gatherings once in a while to let everyone from the office unwind and have a good time together. This office gathering was about shooting your fellow coworkers, and your boss. What a great time for payback! All in good fun of course. In the end, the man with the cleanest gear got drenched with paint. Enjoy the images, and click to enlarge.









5 thoughts on “Paintball Was A Blast

  1. I missed this one, but I know not to miss out on the next. Whenever we have more pics of HostGator events I will try to post them for you all to see.

  2. It seems you guys had a hell alot of fun there. Paintball is awesome.

    Keep posting event pics and pics from your company. It is both interesting and fun to see.

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