It is true that, from time to time, a fair amount of shenanigans can take place in any given HostGator office. We work hard and we play hard; we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes, these aforementioned shenanigans get photographically documented. On a long enough timeline, most of these photographs will find their way to me and thus will eventually end up here, for you.

Though I am gifted with the images, I am not always privy to the story behind the images.  Such is the case with this first picture.  Sam here is one of our developers.  I’m going to ignore the fact that he appears to be wearing a pink snout with matching crown and instead focus on the other things shown in the picture.  Notice the single-shot Nerf gun waiting at the ready directly in front of him.  There is a dart in the chamber and you can see the gray firing mechanism at the bottom of the handle is engaged.  Also notice that the upper corner of each of his monitors have been shot with darts; Sam has clearly come under (friendly?) fire which would explain his blatant display of firearm.  I am unable to postulate a reasonable explanation for the disco ball box to his left, so I’ll just leave that alone.  His geopolitical affiliations seem to be represented by a series of flags, though note that directly above him is his primary allegiance as displayed by the cut-out Snappy:


This next image, I just have no idea.  Though wearing flip-flops to a battle to this nature might seem inadvisable, if you could shoot lightning out of your hand then perhaps you would also want to simply dress for comfort:


Zed here was a special guest one night, and sadly was only able to complete work on a single shift; aptly, it really truly was on the Graveyard shift.  Of note, the Nerf dart affixed to his lanyard; apparently Zed took a shot in the back of the neck during his shift:


Does your office tend to stray into the ridiculous from time to time as well? Please tell us about it (or show us!) in the comments section.