We recently shared with you some art that had been sent to us by our beloved Customers.  HostGator employees have also been known to create some works of art around the offices as well… sometimes when no one else is looking.  Before we begin our actual Gator-created art tour, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you  our Lego sign that is currently displayed in our Houston office.  The sign was created by well-known artist Nathan Sawaya.  I don’t know if the picture does it justice, but it’s a truly impressive piece of Lego craftsmanship:


Back in 2009, this was created by one of our more artistically-inclined Chat Agents and placed near one of the Supervisor stations in the Houston office.  It remains there to this day, ever-present to remind us to always be doing the needful:


The story of our next piece is somewhat shrouded in mystery.  It began, innocently enough, with a recycling can in the Austin office.  A few individuals had apparently not noticed that it was labeled for recycling and thus deposited their refuse into that particular receptacle.  In order to facilitate a more organized recycling vs. trash situation, some good Samaritan taped the “This Is Not A Trash Can” sign above the can.  Shortly thereafter, an unknown assailant attached the “You’re right.  It’s a wall” sign.  I do want to take the time to point out the grammatically correct use of “you’re” as opposed to “your” that was exercised there.  It’s important to use proper grammar when trolling, as in life.  Speaking of trolling, the wall was ultimately graced with the internet-famous, and now iconic, Trollface.  As you can see in the picture below, this simple reminder to not litter in the recycle can has blossomed into a community work of art:


The next exhibit in our little showcase here comes from the IT Department in the Houston office.  No one seems to know the actual origins of this piece, though it is speculated that this work of art was installed directly from the Internet, somehow.  It contains a vast collection of characters from current and past memes.  Trollface makes yet another appearance, as does Pokerface and Rageface… there’s even a couple that cannot be named in order to maintain the PG13 rating of our blog.  Though you can certainly test your Internet meme savvy-ness by how many you can name:


We travel back to our Austin office for these final two works of art, both of the post-it note variety.  The first is apparently the results of a Supervisor station being left unattended for too long; likely the Supervisor in question left for lunch and returned to, well, this:


As to be expected, we certainly saved the best piece for last.  If you happen to not know what Nyan Cat is, on one hand you might be able to consider yourself fortunate, but on the other hand this next work of art will then make about as much sense to you as a hybrid cat/pop-tart that travels throughout the universe on a rainbow.  If you’re unfamiliar (and feeling brave), you may want to take a moment to experience this YouTube video (presently over 73 Million views) before we proceed, so that you can fully appreciate the artistic merit of the final piece of our tour.  Apparently, some of our Austin Gators got their hands on a pad or two of colored Post-It notes and, well, this happened:


Thank you very much for taking our quick tour.  Please exit through the gift shop.  Feel free to tell your friends about our exhibit, as we are open 24 hours a day!

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  1. Reminds me of the sign that used to be in the kitchen in Houston that said to clean up your mess if you spill your coffee… that was splattered with coffee.

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