Well, for better or worse, the fine art of modifying someone’s desk in their absence has escalated.  At this point, I’m not sure if this activity should be filed under our Office Shenanigans or if it’s become it’s own art form, therefore qualifying it as Office Art.  Let’s go ahead and call it art.

Every picture from this post comes from our Houston offices.  Although Houston clearly lacks the Post-It note budget that Austin has, we do seem to have compensated for that fact by attaching random objects to computer screens, including snack food items.  Here we see a nice array of potato chips and crackers, also a granola bar.  Is that a high-heel shoe tape dispenser?  I’m not sure if that belongs to the owner of the desk or was also placed there as part of the joke:


Upon seeing this next picture, I was slightly confused. There appears to be many secret messages conveyed herein. For example, the message left on the screen itself appears to be “Uhhhh… Nanha!” Was this a secret code of some sort? Maybe an inside joke?  Speaking of secret codes, let’s take a closer look at the upper left-hand of the image.  I see what appears to be a drawing of an airplane, a plus sign and a pineapple.  Below that there is an equals sign, and below that the last part of what must be an equation of some sort… scissors and a can of peas?  So, airplane plus pineapple equals scissors plus peas.  This is clearly some sort of coded message, likely requiring a decoder ring in order to be deciphered… we may never know:


As for this next image. I don’t even know where to start.  I think I’ll just point out the fact that a statue of a gator seems to have been attached to the wall via an audio cable.  Clearly the aforementioned gator is also wearing a birthday hat.  When you boils it all down, this picture really just doesn’t make any sense at all:


Our final three images contain a theme: when Post-Its meet computer screens.  This first one doesn’t seem to have any easily-discernible message; basically looks like a lot of random hieroglyphics.  Someone did clearly take the time to properly space each Post-It note evenly, so points for neatness here:


Here we have another thoroughly covered screen, this time with an actual read-able message: “Have a Great Day!”  It’s always nice to be left encouraging notes.  Is that a drawing of perhaps a gentleman in a hula skirt?:


Our final image here combines virtually all of the qualities of the prior images.  It’s arguably a perfect storm of desk defacement: Post-Its, snack foods, office supplies, and various condiments all attached to computer screens:


Clearly some of the equipment in the above images is being used in a manner that was perhaps not intended by it’s manufacturers.  As such, HostGator cannot be held liable for any adverse circumstances resulting from your attempts to attach snack foods to your computer screens.  Please play practical jokes at your own risk.

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