First and foremost: Happy New Year to everyone.  Let’s make 2013 an amazing year!  Having said that, let’s start this year off with a continuation of our Office Art series.  This time we’re pretty much focusing on the various wildlife around the office.

When you first enter the older of the two HostGator buildings in Houston, generally speaking your first stop will be the 4th floor reception area.  In order to get to the 4th floor, an elevator ride is necessitated… our infamous elevators are a story unto themselves.  In fact I wouldn’t rule out yet another blog post dedicated entirely to our elevators at some point, but I digress.  Once you exit the elevators into the lobby, just outside of the reception area you will be greeted by this full-sized alligator:


If you recall the HostGator Lego sign from our previous Office Art posts, this gator resides directly beneath that sign:


He seems to have been in a fight or two in his day, as he’s missing a couple of toes and a tooth or three, but this all just adds to his character.  It’s not unusual to find a myriad of objects in his mouth, spare change and such.  On the day this picture was taken, he seemed to be gnawing on a logo of the Florida Gators football team and a few stray kernels of popcorn:


Once you face this initial gator and brave your way through the glass doors, you enter our official reception area.  The particular Snappy shown here had it’s story told in this recent post, but more often than not this giant-sized fella will be there to greet you upon your entrance to our inner sanctum.


Our final exhibit here isn’t necessarily art, per se, but it does fit in with the overall theme of this post.  Our fish tank is also located in the reception area, and contains a vast collection of aquatic life. It’s very similar to the popular fish tank screen savers, except it’s actual fish:


Only one of the fish herein actually has a name, Cupcake. Cupcake can be identified by the small black spot on her (we’re assuming Cupcake is female) nose.  All the other fish are aptly named “Cupcake’s Friend(s).”  As it turns out, it’s rather difficult to get these particular fishies to hold still for a picture:


Looking further into our fish tank here, you can find yet another gator, this one un-named, prowling at the bottom:


I think the gator there needs a name, though. Please help us name this little gator by leaving a comment with your suggestion.  We’ll announce the winner via our FaceBook.

14 thoughts on “Office Art, part IV

  1. Nice Office, wish to visit your office and I think “Hidden Gator” will be the perfect name for that gator.

  2. I’m here again with the new name suggestion for that gator, I think the “Gharial” is the better name for that gator than my previously suggested name.

  3. ‘Lil Bit. I can see the stories now about “Lil Bit, Cupcake and Friends” goin on an adventure :)

  4. Using Hostgator has been a great experience when it comes to the techs. Looks like a really fun place to work.

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