The HostGator offices seem to foster the expression of creativity throughout.  The works of art shared herein are all relatively new art installations within our respective thunderdomes.  I have faith that my colleagues will continue to provide plenty of fodder for many more Office Art blog posts.

Our first piece here comes once again from the IT Department in the Houston office, whom you may remember also supplied us with the meme wall from Part I of our Office Art series.  As with their last offering, this work of art is also shrouded in mystery.  This piece can be best described as “fake deer head, wearing sunglasses and HostGator lanyard, accompanied by ‘forever alone guy’ meme.”  Clearly, this is modern art.  We cannot stress enough that the deer head here is made out of plastic, because we Gators do not harm living creatures.


Throughout our office, you’ll find conveniently located maps of the building that show you were you are and where the stairwells and fire exits are; standard fare for most office buildings:


These maps are fairly nondescript and likely don’t get noticed much.  However, recently one of our Admins took notice not only to the map, but in the fact that our building shares it’s fundamental shape with, well, the B-2 Bomber.  In order to illustrate this similarity, the following was thus posted directly beneath one of the office maps:


If nothing else, at least now we know which parts of our building are visible on radar and which parts aren’t.

Our next picture is of something that has been a staple at the Houston office for as long as anyone can remember, though we know not of its origins.  This lil fella has been relocated from time to time, though he tends to hang out near one of the Supervisor stations.  He has been adorned with the wig and beanie relatively recently, but the “Miss America” sash and WordPress button have been longtime accessories.  Additionally, whenever stray money is found around the office, it generally ends up tucked into the diaper(?) there, with a total accumulation of about $8 thus far:


We will conclude this edition of our Office Art series with a trip back to Austin, where there seems to be an affinity for the egregious use of Post-It notes, as we have seen in prior blog posts. Once again, someone’s desk has been “customized” in their absense:


Stay tuned for future offerings in our gripping Office Art series.

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