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Hello everyone,

We’ve been very busy around here lately, implementing new and exciting features and services that will provide our customers with an even better webhosting experience. Our domain registrar service is nearing completion, and we are also looking into other technologies and services that may be implemented as well. One of the services that we are pretty excited about it CloudFlare, so let’s dive right in and see what it’s all about.

Gators and ninjas protecting your sites!

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Cloudflare, Inc. to offer their Cloudflare protection to our customers. Cloudflare acts a transparent filtering proxy, sitting between your site and it’s visitors. Cloudflare blocks hackers and spammers from attacking your site, and also speeds up load times by acting as a content delivery network and serving cached copies of your static files from a proxy which is closer to your customers. On average, Cloudflare customers have seen a 30% improvement in page load times. In it’s basic mode, Cloudflare is free. We are the first host to integrate Cloudflare protection into our control panel. If you are a shared customer, you can enable Cloudflare protection for your domains by clicking on the orange Cloudflare icon in your control panel. We are working on a non-branded version for reseller, vps, and dedicated customers as well, but in the mean time our admins have a script to enable protection for any domain you would like. Simply open a ticket and let us know!

Front Row Joe is spotted at HostGator!

Our Houston employees were in for a treat when we found out that none other than Front Row Joe would be making a special appearance along with his #87 Nascar for photo opps and signature signing. Everyone had a great time taking photos and speaking with Joe, wishing him the best of luck for all of his upcoming races.

Know L.A.M.P. ?

We are still in search of Linux administrators with experience in cPanel/WHM. If you’d like to get paid doing what you already have a passion for, go ahead and check out our jobs page here.

If you are not a Linux admin kind of person, but know someone who is, you can get paid by referring them, if they are hired on and stay with us for 90 days, you get paid! Visit our referral page for more information.

We want your feedback!

We are all about the customer here at HostGator. Having said that, we would like you to get involved and share your opinion as to what type of content you would like to see more of within our company blog. To share your opinion, and to offer your suggestions, please see our blog post here.
That’s all for this month, until next month, stay prosperous.

– Daniel Collette and The HostGator team

HostGator Around the Web

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VOIP Service

For a limited time, VOIPo is offering all HostGator customers a complete package of 3 services for the price of 1. Simply order a VOIPo phone service package (unlimited calling to US/Canada starting at $8.25 per month) using coupon code GATORPACK and get these services free:

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12 thoughts on “HostGator Newsletter – October 2010

  1. I was really surprised when I saw this newsletter as I was not expecting there to be one this month, what a great surprise!

  2. Well, i’m disappointed that the HostGator domain registration service is still not available after such a long time since it was first announced.

  3. Where do I find out more about CloudFlare – whats the catch? Why dont YOU make our sites faster – why do we need a mediator? It is counter-intuitive to think that another layer of services actually makes things better? The more complicated the more difficult it becomes to trouble shoot problems. And most importantly – does it work with WordPress(mysql & php)?

  4. Hi Rick,

    I’m sorry for that reply[above], if possible, can you send an email to asking for activation of Cloudflare for you. We can take care/look into this for you as soon as we get your ticket. Thanks for your cooperation.


  5. Hi folks,

    @Donna – It will work for addon domains as well.

    @Rick – If you’re interested in the service, go ahead and e-mail and our Admins can get it set up. It’s generally a good idea to pick one or two domains to do this on at a time to ensure it doesn’t break any site functionality.

  6. I have to say despite having an ugly issue yesterday with your hosting I was extremely impressed by your customer support team. As they always say it’s not the problem but the response to the problem that matters most.

  7. I’m also disappointed that your Domain Register service is not yet live… GoDaddy is doing my head in!!!

    However, I’m extremely impressed with your new integrated billing/control panel/support web site ( and with the help I recently got there from Dhruvil.

  8. I am looking to change hosting companies, and get a few more sites up and running. I am eagerly awaiting Domain Registration to be available here as I like to keep everything in one account.

  9. Do you offer longer term contracts over your current limited 3 years? I have been a customer for almost a year now and after agreeing with many of my friends who are also hosted on your servers, i want to get my bills sorted for a long time, as long as possible. I would be glad if you could allow me to renew for 4 or even 5 years in one single payment. Please consider adding more years to your payment list. Thank you!

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