loves to print.  Providing so much more than just the typical print services, has taken their chosen craft and elevated it into a proper art form.  Sounds grandiose, but it’s true.  They print everything you’d expect them to: business cards, post cards, stickers, labels, et al.  Where the art form comes in is the way in which they’ve taken this basic foundation and evolved it in such a creative way.

One of the most ingenious cards that Moo prints are NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards.  NFC is a protocol by which a wireless conversation is conducted between two pieces of closely-held electronics.  This is facilitated by a small chip being implanted within the card.  Many debit cards already use this technology to authorize payment by simply holding the card near a receiver rather than actually swiping it through a traditional card reader.

The idea is that when you hold an NFC business card up to a compatible smartphone, it then causes the smartphone to do something.  The possibilities are virtually endless.  Perhaps you’d want the phone to simply visit your website, or maybe download your portfolio or load your FaceBook page.  You might have it download music or even just add your contact information into the internal address book.  The chips can be rewritten over and over again, even after you’ve handed them out!

NFC cards are unquestionably cool, but can also meet all of your more basic printing needs.  From basic business cards up to their Luxe and Gloss business cards, as well as FaceBook cards and Mini cards. was kind enough to offer 50 free business cards to you, the readers of this blog!  Visit this link in order to claim your free business cards, all you pay for is shipping!  While you’re there, ordering your free business cards, spend some time on their website exploring the vast array of products offered.  Tell them Snappy sent you!

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