As promised, we are back with another Newsletter this month.  It was a great month here at Gator Headquarters; we’ve been hiring like mad in order to continue to provide you with top-notch support.  We’re also very close to the release of some additional new features.  Some things are in beta testing right now, but in keeping with our other promise (to not bait you with any “coming soon” things), we’re going to refrain from identifying the specifics of these features at this time.  However, the feedback we have received from the beta-testers has been nothing but positive.  Hopefully, we can officially speak on these by next month.  We realize this is arguably similar to saying something is “coming soon,” but we digress.  In the meantime, we’ve been up to some good deeds and some good eats this month.  Here is what we can speak on at this moment:


The 2012 Tour du Rouge:

HostGator are proud to have once again presented the Tour du Rouge, benefiting the Gulf Coast American Red Cross!  The bicycle ride, which covers the 526 miles between Houston and New Orleans, took place between May 6-11, 2012.  Please be sure to keep an eye on for an up-coming post that will cover this event in more depth, including a first-hand account from a HostGator Admin that participated in the ride this year.


Gators Gonna Clean:

Texas has some beautiful landscapes and rivers.  Unfortunately, these often become sullied with litter and other refuse.  Our Austin office has been organizing and executing cleaning details for the area rivers, and we are shortly expanding this operation to our Houston office as well.  Gators enjoy clean habitats, please think twice before littering.  Here’s some pictures from the most recent cleanup:



Gators Gonna Eat:

We celebrated crawfish season with a massive crawfish boil at our new building, or more specifically in the parking garage of our new building.  Gators and families alike came out to enjoy some delicious mudbugs:



Some Numbers:

It looks like this month we had more calls and chats than last month, but fewer tickets. Here’s our Support statistics for the month of April, 2012:

141,992 Chats

75,611 Calls

198,385 Tickets


Until next month!  Remember: We Are Hiring!

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