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Mark “Real Estate” Jones knows the value of visibility and strong communication in a crowded market. Mark, a Realtor with Scottsdale-based HomeSmart, is a Phoenix native and ASU graduate who specializes in Maricopa County home sales and real estate investment. With Phoenix among the hottest residential real estate markets in the country right now, Arizona is also home to an increasing number of real estate agents, all looking for clients.


A Great Website = A Lead Generation Hub

Mark Real Estate JonesMark, whose background is communication and project management, has a web site ( that features personality, straight-to-the-point information, and tips on valuing and listing a home quickly with digital tools. The site helps him differentiate his services and experience in a market with “so much competition” and to grow his business by reaching new prospects – and it was simple to set up. Mark chose HostGator shared web hosting, based on “solid service at a great price,” and chose a pre-designed template to give the site a professional look without the cost of hiring a web designer.

“My website is the hub of all lead generation activities,” Mark said. Most of his leads arrive through social media, followed by referrals from AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click search result advertising program. The real turning point in his website’s lead-generation role came “when I realized that adding value by providing great content will generate leads.”

The content in Mark’s blog, which he started in May, features some attention-grabbing titles. “5 Reasons the First-Time Buyer Might Slap Her Realtor” walks prospective homebuyers through some common oversights. Investors, meanwhile, can learn “How Not to Lose Your A—in Real Estate.”

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Mark also uses his site to highlight his affiliation with HomeSmart, a fast-growing locally based real-estate franchise that is the regional sales leader and sells a home about every 1.7 minutes.  HomeSmart supports Mark and its other agents with completely paperless transaction management tools, which allows Mark to offer “interaction-less transactions” for sellers who prefer to do business via text message and email rather than on the phone and in person.

Careful planning and ongoing relationship building are at the heart of Mark’s marketing model, and they’re what he recommends for new business owners and agents, too. “Lay out your strategy and then execute. Create a relationship with every potential client.” Mark accomplishes this on his site by offering useful content in a distinctive voice.

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