The HostGator offices are populated by very diverse and creative individuals.  We have talented artists and musicians and practitioners of virtually every other creative pursuit imaginable.  We’re an interesting bunch, and from time to time our creative interests intersect with our workday.

We’ve been periodically posting videos on our YouTube channel of Bobby, one of our front-line support agents, mystifying and astounding his fellow gators with his own brand of up-close magic; Magic Mondays it has come to be known as.

Our YouTube channel has lots of videos, from the educational to the entertaining.  Help pass the time this Monday and go check it out, maybe even subscribe in order to get the latest video content from us!  In the meantime, we wanted to share the most recent Magic Monday video with you right here:


Do you have any requests or suggestions for video content we can create to share with you?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

3 thoughts on “Magic Mondays

  1. What could have you been doing while you were doing this? My website has continually had problems on the “new server” it was recently moved to, and the response time from your “technical support” has gone form around 2 hours to around 48 hours, and the quality of your “technical support” has gone from unbelievably intelligent to “have you ever done this job before today?”.

    Seriously, I built and managed the website for over 2 years on a VPS with minimal issues and I even did the server admin work on it (and I’m not a server admin by any means). Since moving my current site to Hostgator (a company I’ve done business with off and on for over 7 years) about 2 months ago, I’ve had nothing but issues, one after another, to the point that I am now moving the site to a different hosting company. And each day, it gets worse and worse, and the time it takes to process an order has gone from about 2 seconds to about 20+ seconds on a regular basis (and now, about 90% of orders fail because it’s taking the server too long to respond).

    And now I see what the “experts” at Hostgator are wasting their time on while they should be either A) FIXING THE SERVERS or B) Responding to my tickets in a shorter timeframe than 48 hours (even if just to say “I have no idea whats going on”).

    Oh, but nice magic trick.

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