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Kohl Children’s Museum Touch A Truck Festival

Monday, September 28, 2015 by

Kohl Children's Museum Touch A Truck Festival


HostGator fortunately has the opportunity to sponsor some amazing events across the globe. Recently, we had the honor to sponsor the Touch A Truck Family Festival. This event was a wonderful success with over 2,500 people exploring trucks of all shapes and sizes in a secure and safe environment.

Kohl Children's Family Festival

Not only did our contribution to this event help the Kohl’s Children Museum put on the festival, it will also help them continue their two flagship outreach programs: Early Childhood Connections and Everyone at Play. Through ECC, they provide quality early learning opportunities and educational resources to children, families, and educators from across the Chicago metropolitan area. In addition, their Everyone at Play initiative creates hands-on, developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for children with special needs.

Touch A Truck Festival With A Firetruck

We are incredibly grateful for the wonderful folks at the Kohl’s Children Museum that do so much to give back to the community. It’s people like them that help keep our world look brighter for our future generations.


Images courtesy of http://www.rloconsulting.com

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