Life in the fast lane.

As most of you know HostGator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley in his Florida Atlantic University dorm room.  Since 2002 we have grown by leaps and bounds!  We now host over 3.5 Million domains and have outgrown a 4 story building in Houston, Texas with our support and sales staff.  Our growth has been so fast it is only natural that our advertising be on the same track (pun intended).

We are proud to announce that we have inked a deal with Joe Nemechek for our very own HostGator NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Teams!  Our car’s debut will be at the Coca Cola 400 Nationwide race July 3rd  at Daytona Motor Speedway!  The driver of the Toyota, Joe Nemechek, will represent HostGator in one NASCAR Sprint Cup race and in four Nationwide races. Make sure you check out and root for The # 87 Chevrolet in the following races:

– July 2nd NASCAR Nationwide Subway Jalapeno 250
– July 3rd NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coke Zero 400
– July 9th NASCAR Nationwide Dollar General 300
– July 17th NASCAR Nationwide Dodge Dealers 250
– July 24th NASCAR Nationwide Kroger 250

Reseller Tutorials

Over the past year our development and design departments have been working non stop on our new brandable support tutorials. With the new addon to our Reseller program you will be able, with one click, install custom branded video tutorials on a subdomain with your own logo!

If you have used our support system before you more than likely have came across some of our video tutorials. We have 400+ Tutorials, everything from adding a new email account to detailed instructions on installing common scripts via fantastico. These videos all have HostGator’s logo on them, which as a reseller would ruin your private branding. With this new addon you can use your own logo and it is completely private!

To use this feature just click “Custom Tutorials”. From that screen you can pick what subdomain you want to use, the theme and if you would like to, upload a logo.

For step by step instructions on getting the tutorials up for your clients check out this article.

By the way, this is completely free!  Enjoy!

It is *HOT* In Texas!

Temperatures are soaring here at our Headquarters in Houston, TX.  We’ve already seen temperatures in the high to mid 90s.  It’s so hot that our mascot snappy was recently caught taking a dip in a local pool, While the temperatures are HOT we as a company apparently are also. was recently named one of  Texas’ Hottest Companies. We would like to thank our loyal customers and amazing employees for our growth.

We should have an update on the new Austin location by next month’s newsletter, with pictures and all!  So be looking for that.

Site of the Month: is a personal blog that talks about the products and services that Chimpie uses and the experiences that he has. His goal is for businesses to improve and excel. recently launched a new feature called Chat with Chimpie, where he interviews key players in the tech industry and talk about recent events and developments. Whether it be webhosting or latest cell phone apps, is becoming a go-to place for honest reviews.

Chimpie is a very active member of our Forums and we are very proud of his blog’s progress.
Till next month,

—  Josh Loe & The Team at HostGator

7 thoughts on “HostGator June 2010 Newsletter

  1. Remarkable! I shall be glued to watching NASCAR for the month. Now if only there were an “I support Hostgator who supports NASCAR” button or such I could use on my site.

  2. I read with interest your newsletter and the relationship you have with NASCAR. I’m actually quite disappointed that you have aligned yourself with such a gas guzzing competition, which is so environmentally unfriendly. It would be great if you could sponsor some of the wildlife carers who are spending their own time de-oiling the sea birds and other wildlife which have been so affected by the BP oil spill.


  3. Greeting from Europe. Does HostGator have any plans to hop over the pond to offer hosting in the UK? I saw a TV ad the other day for GoDaddy so they obviously see some potential here.

  4. Great blog and an enjoyable read, came accross it on bingwhile doing some research in to this topic. i lookforward to reading alot more posts from you.

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