Joomla vs WordPress

Most websites today are powered by content management systems that enable you to easily build a very powerful website. WordPress and Joomla are both widely used and can help you create the perfect website for your needs.

Choosing the right CMS can be a difficult decision, mostly because they are all good choices. However, even though the platforms are incredibly similar, there are some differences that’ll probably swing you one way or the other.

Below we profile both WordPress and Joomla to help you finally decide which platform is the best choice for your needs.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is probably the most popular CMS on the market. What started as nothing more than a simple blogging platform has evolved into an incredibly powerful and flexible website builder.

It’s a great platform for beginners and there are a number of tutorials and forums that can help to clear up any issues you might have.


Benefits of WordPress


1. Very Easy to Install

WordPress is incredibly easy to set up. You can literally have a site up and running in about five minutes. As a plus, most existing hosts offer one-click installs.


2. Highly Customizable

WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins that make customizing your site as simple as clicking a button. Since it’s so popular, many developers have created free plugins and themes that enable you to create a professional-looking site with zero budget.


3. Great Community

If you run into any issues setting up or customizing your site, there’s a support community of millions who are there to help you. Plus, almost every theme or plugin you’ll utilize has a dedicated team of developers behind it.

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What is Joomla?

Joomla is an incredibly flexible CMS and is currently being used as the backbone for several of the largest sites on the internet. It comes in a close second behind WordPress in terms of the number of sites powered by the CMS. All kinds of websites can benefit from using this framework from non-profits to businesses, corporations to schools, and more.

However, Joomla is more technical and not as friendly to beginners. This means that you can build out some incredibly powerful custom features, but if you’re not great with coding, you might want to take another route.


Benefits of Joomla


1. Can Create a Social Network

Joomla lets you easily create social networking websites from scratch. You can create a social network by using another CMS, but it isn’t as quick and painless.


2. Easy eCommerce Store Creation

Along with social networking websites, Joomla makes it easy to create eCommerce stores. Sure, you can hack together an eCommerce store with WordPress, but Joomla makes the process dead simple.


3. Medium Level of Technical Ability Required

For the level of power and customization Joomla provides you with it’s not overly technical. It does take a little more technological confidence than WordPress, but not enough to scare beginners away.


How to Determine the Best Option for You

There is no cut and dry best option. Rather, there is the best option for your needs and goals. Take some time to determine what kind of site you’re trying to develop and what features you’ll want to build out.

If you’re a complete beginner and want to get a site up and running as quick as possible, then you should definitely go with WordPress.

However, if you’re more technically savvy and want to build out a social networking or e-commerce website, then it’s probably a good idea to start off with a Joomla site.

Hopefully the tips above will help you make a better CMS decision. Remember, there is no wrong decision. Pick a CMS and run with it, you can always redesign and switch to another CMS at a later date if need be.

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4 thoughts on “Joomla vs WordPress: Which Is the Better Option for You?

  1. I use Joomla all the time, and find it easier than WP. Very rarely is there a need to look at code in Joomla. I can do many things in Joomla that require code diving i WP
    Joomla seems daunting to a beginner because there are so many controls. This controls allow you to easily do things in Joomla that are hard on WP.
    WP is easier to get started with, but you can quickly outgrow it.

  2. Created my first website on WordPress two years ago and immediately realized that this is exactly what I was looking for, namely the most important: you are no restrictions, great opportunity, own boss.
    Previously created websites for various services, like umi cms, was not happy, solid limits, pay more money and remove the restrictions obdiralovo. After payment and the removal of restrictions found that there that promise the settings are scarce, primitive.
    It just so happens that the word “WordPress” I came across on the Internet more often than Joomla. Two years ago I started to study WordPress and immediately created the first website. Never regretted about the made choice. Only positive, on a 5+.
    With Joomla is not familiar so close with WordPress, but I can confidently say is a great engine.
    Which is better wordpress or joomla? This is the same as the comparison – which is better Xiaomi or Xiaomi? Which is better Nokia or Nokia? I think that both deserve a rating of 5+.
    Sincerely, (works on WordPress) :-)

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